We know you’ve seen it on Pinterest. The joyously happy preschooler creating artistic masterpieces on giant canvases with their toes. Or the toddler finger painting with food on the table. Or 102,605,324 ways to make slime.

And we know you thought: How cool! My kid would LOVE this. But, honest, who wants to clean up that mess?

The Bryn Mawr School to the rescue! On Sunday, May 20, they are inviting preschool-aged children for a morning of fun, exploration, and mess-making that parents don’t have to clean up. (Best part? It’s FREE!)

Kids can concoct ooey, gooey slime to squish, squeeze, stretch and twist! Or maybe your mini foodie would rather play with their food (and eat it, too!). During Collabor-paint, kiddos will use their fingers and toes to help create an original masterpiece.

Guaranteed to be a morning your kids will talk about all summer long.

We’ll mention it again — it’s FREE! But you must register by May 11th. The event is open to all but best suited to kids ages 4-6.

Let’s Make a MESS at The Bryn Mawr School

Sunday, May 20, 2018
10 AM – 11:30 AM
The Bryn Mawr School
109 West Melrose Avenue 
Baltimore, MD 21210


Editor’s Note: This article is sponsored by The Bryn Mawr School