If it’s a weekday morning, you can bet Greg Schnitzlein is supervising the Boys’ Latin carpool lane doing what he loves most – – greeting students and families as they start their day.
For the past 11 years, Greg has been at Boys’ Latin, both as a teacher and now as Assistant Head of Lower School. In that time he’s watched the students grow up. When asked what that experience is like, he laughs happily and says, “It’s amazing.”
In July, Greg will become the new Head of Lower School. Kathy Arnold, the current Head of Lower School, is transitioning to lower school admissions at the end of this school year. 
In addition to being an administrator and organizing the fourth and fifth grade camping trips, he also teaches grad school at Hopkins. Oh, and did we mention he’s a new dad? Yeah, the man is busy!
We recently caught up with Greg to ask about Boys’ Latin, what he loves about Baltimore, and how parenting has rocked his world.
Greg Schnitzlein, Boys' Latin, Photo by Wendy Hickok

Meet the Lower School Head: Greg Schnitzlein of Boys’ Latin

What brought you to Baltimore?
I was born here but we moved around a lot when we were kids and I think I always had Baltimore as an anchor. I love it. There’s just something about Baltimore that sticks with you. I’m a huge fan of the city and the area.
Now you’re raising a family here! Tell us about your daughter.
Being a parent for the first time has changed me for the better. It’s very exciting. Spending time with my wife and daughter has been a big focus of my outside life. I can’t wait to spend time with them. We go to Orioles games…
Wait. You’ve already taken your 9-month-old daughter to the ballfield?
Yep. She’s done spring training one and two this year, so she’s up to seven games now.
Wow! Impressive. Equally impressive is how long you’ve been at Boys’ Latin. Tell us about your role there.
I get my hands on just about everything that goes on at our school—I meet with parents, teach a class, do dismissal, meet with teachers about student concerns and help with long-term planning. I wear a lot of different hats. It’s a lot of fun. It also keeps me really busy.
Greg Schnitzlein, Boys' Latin, Photo by Wendy Hickok
What brought you to the school?
I taught for about six years and discovered I loved independent school world. I knew Boys’ Latin had a good reputation and thought a single-sex educational environment sounded exciting.
What made it sound exciting?
Before I came to Boys’ Latin, I had an image what of an all-boys environment would be. I thought it’d be rough and tumble, but the amount of kindness and empathy I saw was surprising. The boys rallied around each other and had a comfort level with themselves as learners. They weren’t dismissed because they may be an active learner or were more restless.
And has it lived up to your initial experience?
Yes. I was encouraged to implement my passion for the outdoors into my teaching. I was able to add motion; get the students outdoors. It was liberating as an educator.
Greg Schnitzlein, Boys' Latin, Photo by Wendy Hickok
Looking ahead, summer is right around the corner. Any tips for parents and students?
I’m a big proponent in being outside. Get outside. Get dirty. Spend some time away from screens and enjoy the family. And of course, squeeze in some reading as well.
This article is part of our school partner profile series.o learn more about The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland, visit their profile in our independent school directory. Photos by Wendy Hickok, Wendy Hickok Photography.