According to Baltimore Child Abuse Center, one in four girls and one in six boys experience some form of sexual abuse or exploitation before the age of 18.

Another statistic that might surprise you? Only  1 in 10 children who have been sexually abused report it. Why? A child may not have the language to report sexual abuse, may not know that their personal boundaries have been crossed, or may not feel as though they have a trusted adult they can talk to.

BCAC is aiming to change that through prevention education — for parents, caregivers, schools, and youth-serving organizations. Research shows that an educated child is more likely to deter an offender, because an educated child is more likely to break the silence. 

In addition, BCAC provides victims of child sexual abuse, trauma, and other Adverse Childhood Experiences in Baltimore and their non-offending caretakers with comprehensive forensic interviews, medical treatment, and mental health treatment with a goal of preventing future trauma.

It’s tough work. But needed.

Granted, child abuse prevention is not an easy topic to talk about. But there are two easy — and fun — ways parents can support BCAC’s work in our community in the next few weeks:

Purchase a Butterfly. Wee Chic at Green Spring Station has launched “The Butterfly Campaign” to help BCAC achieve their mission. Throughout the month of April, you can make a donation to BCAC at Wee Chic by purchasing a paper butterfly. Butterflies will then decorate Wee Chic’s storefront, showing solidarity for Child Abuse Prevention and support for BCAC. (Can you imagine how (cool) it would be for the entire storefront to be covered?)

Be a Hero. Want to do more? Join BCAC for their Be a Hero Party with DJ Biz Markie. It’s Friday, May 4th at Port Discovery and is the perfect date night for a great cause.  The fun starts at 9:30 PM and party guests will enjoy an open bar and delicious late night food courtesy of  The Charmery, Zeke’s Coffee Roasters, The Food Market and Hoopla Catering. Insomnia Cookies, Iron Rooster, &pizza, Kisling’s Tavern, and Sagamore Whiskey. Get the kids down for the night and hit the town! Purchase before the event for $50 or at the door for $75.