It’s no secret that kids these days are busy — which means parents, are busy, too. Shuffling from school to lacrosse, girl scouts to soccer, dance class to music lessons. It seems that everyone is on the go.

So when your child starts to show signs of needing extra help with academics, figuring out to how to add one more “stop” into your daily schedule can be as frustrating as mastering that pesky pre-algebra.

The experts at Sylvan Learning know that time is the one thing modern families struggle with daily. Their solution? Sylvan In-Home Tutoring that comes to you.

That’s right. They’ve got highly qualified tutors that are “on the go,” or — more accurately — in your home, at your local coffee shop, or even on the sports field before or after practice. By meeting with your child in a familiar place, tutors can help improve your child’s skills and confidence in a variety of subject matter. (Yes! Frustration-free homework!)

All tutors meet their high standards for educators, have been vetted through a screening process, and pass a third-party background check. Many are certified in the Sylvan Method, which includes personalized digital learning platform designed from proven teaching methodology. All tutors have at least a four-year degree, many are certified teachers, and all are experts/professionals in the subject area they are tutoring.

Tutors are available to work with students in grades K-12. Whether you have an emerging reader that needs a little extra support or a high schooler stressing about test prep, Sylvan In-Home has a tutor. Sessions start at $49/hour and, for a limited time, they are offering your first session for FREE!

Scheduling a tutoring session is easy. Just call (410) 402-5182 and the Sylvan In-Home experts will match your child with a tutor that meets his or her needs, and schedule a session around your schedule.

If your child’s third quarter report card showed they weren’t quite reaching their potential, or if math homework is giving you both a daily headache, maybe it’s time to think about tutoring. And Sylvan In-Home!

The best part is that your child will start feeling more confident. The fact that you don’t have to fight traffic, juggle one more activity, leave work early or endure extra stress? Those are just extra cherries on top of the sundae.

Sylvan In-Home. Making #MomLife easier.

About Our Sponsor

Sylvan In-Home easily connects families who want high-quality educators with talented, local tutors who’ve gone through our thorough evaluation and background check process. For nearly 40 years, Sylvan Learning has helped millions of students get results through our 750+ locations. Now, our Sylvan In-Home tutors who are certified in the Sylvan Method™ are specially trained to bring our proven process right to your door! They can offer the best in teaching methods and interactive technology, so your child feels fully engaged and gets the exact learning he or she needs. With Sylvan In-Home, you can trust you’re getting a reputable and convenient tutor.