We made it! It’s our final week of our eight-week Pure Barre at home series. This week, we’re trying out tabletop. 

“This exercise strengthens the abdominal wall, base of the seat, and lower back muscles,” said Nicholette Dunleavy, owner of Pure Barre Roland Park and Pure Barre Harborside. “Plus it improves balance!”

Of course, while these at-home exercises are great when your schedule is insane, nothing really beats an in-studio class. Pure Barre’s trained instructors can help you perfect your form and provide individualized tips. Definitely check out one of their classes. (And be sure to tell them (cool) progeny sent you!)

Pure Barre at Home: Tabletop - (cool) progeny


Come to all fours on the floor. Hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Extend the right leg behind you and bring your heel towards your seat, toes are pointed. Keep your engaged and your neck in line with your spine.

Leg lowers slow, then press back up slow – 20x

Leg lowers, then lifts (a little quicker) – 20x

Hold the leg up, flex our foot, press the heel up to ceiling and hold. Repeat 20x.

Pure Barre at Home: Tabletop - (cool) progeny

Press heel up to ceiling (a little quicker). Repeat 20x.

Extend the leg straight, lift the leg up and hold. Repeat 20x.

Lift the leg up (a little quicker). Repeat 20x.

Repeat 1-6 on the left side.

Pure Barre at Home: Tabletop - (cool) progeny

Editor’s Note:Thanks to the Pure Barre team for working with us on this series! Many thanks to our mom-dels Stacie DeHaven and Jackie Obrecht for showing us the moves each week! And a huge thanks to Lululemon Towson for personally fitting our models during this series. You can get the momdel personal fit treatment by visiting their store and telling them (cool) progeny sent you! This article is sponsored by Pure Barre Baltimore.