A lot of firsts happen in preschool. First friends. First teachers. First drop-off. First experience with independence.

And first summer camp.

The team at Roland Park County School’s Red Hot Summer Camps know all about preschool firsts and have specifically developed “My First Summer Camp” to tailor to little ones’ growing minds. Infusing elements of their preschool’s Reggio Emilia early childhood education philosophy, the camp seamlessly integrates preschool skill building with fun summer camp setting.

Roland Park Country School My First Camp

“Each day includes circle time, fine and gross motor development — skills that children need to be successful in the preschool and kindergarten environment,” said Kristin Jarrell, Director of Compass Programming & Campus Use at RPCS. “But then there are fun camp things — like water play outside every Friday.”

Roland Park Country School My First Camp

Knowing how little minds and bodies work (RPCS’ lead teachers develop the curriculum and teach camp), parents have the ability to send their children to full or half-day camp sessions. Each week features a different theme — from science week to storybook adventures.

RPCS has offered a camp for preschoolers in conjunction with their other camps for years, but this year they are retooling the experience. In addition to weekly themes, each week features a special guest visitor or experience. For example, an indoor planetarium will come to campus during space week and a paleontologist will visit during dinosaur week.

The camp also has the advantage of using RPCS’ outdoor preschool playspace, complete with mud kitchen and open ended play structures.

Curious about learning more? Visit their website or join them on Thursdays beginning April 5th from 8 AM – 9 AM for a camp walking tour!

Roland Park Country School My First Camp

Editor’s Note: This article is sponsored by Red Hot Summer Camps. All photographs were provided by Red Hot Summer Camps.