It’s February. How are those New Year’s Resolutions going? Yeah, that’s about how our are going, too. We know that many of you resolved to become a healthier, stronger version of you in 2018. Barre is an awesome way to do just that!

But we also know that trying a new class might be a little intimidating. So we’ve teamed up with the team at Pure Barre Baltimore to bring you 8 weeks of barre exercises you can do at home. We’ll introduce a new exercise every week with tips from their wellness gurus. (That’s right — we’re bringing the experts to you!)

Pure Barre Baltimore - (cool) progeny; Photo by Laura Black

Of course, at-home exercises might make the schedule a bit easier, but they never can take the place of in-class instruction. Pure Barre instructors work with you to ensure proper form and to give you that little nudge to push yourself a bit further. So we’ll also be hosting some fun pop-up classes with them in March so you can try out their studio spaces in Roland Park and Canton!

Up first? The Teaser. This exercise will challenge core strength, strengthen back muscles, and work to mobilize the spine, said Nicholette Dunleavy, owner of Pure Barre Roland Park and Pure Barre Harborside.

Pure Barre Exercise 1: The Teaser

Pure Barre Baltimore - (cool) progeny; Photo by Laura Black

Lie flat on your back. Extend arms overhead. Legs together. Toes pointed.

Roll up 4 counts. Should blades lift up off of the floor as you slowly roll up reaching forward. For additional challenge, can lift the legs up simultaneously.

Lower down 4 counts.

Repeat 3 times.

Pure Barre Baltimore - (cool) progeny; Photo by Laura Black

Roll up 4 counts. Hold it at the top with arms reaching forward. Legs straight to ceiling or in tabletop position (90 degree bend, shins parallel to the floor). Hold for 15 seconds.

Pure Barre Baltimore - (cool) progeny; Photo by Laura Black

Pure Barre Tip

Balance your weight on your hip bones, roll one vertebrae at a time in both directions, and initiate all movement from the core.

Editor’s Note: Many thanks to our mom-del Jackie Obrecht for showing us the week one moves! And a huge thanks to Lululemon Towson for personally fitting our models during this series. You can get the momdel personal fit treatment by visiting their store and telling them (cool) progeny sent you! This article is sponsored by Pure Barre Baltimore.