It’s week three of our eight week barre at home project with Pure Barre Baltimore! (Yes, we’re bringing the experts to YOU.) This week, we’re bringing back a classic: the push-up.

“Make sure you keep your shoulders pressed down your back and your hands wider than shoulders,”said Nicholette Dunleavy, owner of Pure Barre Roland Park and Pure Barre Harborside. “Elbows should bend to 90 degree angle at bottom of push-up.” 

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Pure Barre Baltimore - (cool) progeny; Photo by Laura Black


Come to a straight arm plank position with hands slightly wider than shoulders.

Arms bend slowly and press up slowly – 4x

Arms bend, then press to straight arms – 10x 3

Come to your knees. Hands slightly wider than shoulders, feet towards your seat, toes pointed. Keep your core engaged.

Lower the chest to the floor, then press up to straight arms – 10x

Come down to lowest point (chest close to the floor). Hold for 10 seconds.

Press up to straight arms. Hands directly beneath your shoulders, fingertips face forward. Arms bend, then press to straight arms – 10x

Pure Barre Baltimore - (cool) progeny; Photo by Laura Black

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Editor’s Note: Many thanks to our mom-del Stacie DeHaven for showing us the week one moves! And a huge thanks to Lululemon Towson for personally fitting our models during this series. You can get the momdel personal fit treatment by visiting their store and telling them (cool) progeny sent you! This article is sponsored by Pure Barre Baltimore.