If you’ve been a follower of (cool) progeny for a while now, you probably know that our lives were took a sharp turn about five years ago.

We were a threesome — me, Pat, and the Bug — and we were expecting the arrival of the Bug’s baby brother. Patrick and I had no indication that things wouldn’t go smoothly, or that this new baby’s medical needs would soon trump all else. We didn’t know he would need a trach in order to breath or a feeding tube in order to grow. We didn’t know that he would require 12 surgeries. We didn’t know that we would he would be inpatient at three different hospitals in his first 111 days of life. We didn’t know that he would come with an entire row home full of medical supplies, or that a someone would need to be awake and alert with him at all times, or that our schedules would become a maze of fitting life in around a sea of medical and specialist appointments. We were in complete uncharted territory with no map and an unreliable compass.

We had no idea that five years later he would be the smart, funny, precocious, speedy, empathetic, lego-loving kid he is today. But we knew we were going to do everything in our power to make that happen.

We had no idea how our family, friends, and the (cool) progeny community would rally when we needed it most. And for all of that, we are forever grateful.

Because there is no way we could ever payback the kindness that we received during those first really tough years, Patrick and I founded Little Lion Challenge. A way for us to pay it forward. It started as a kindness campaign and grew into an organization that provides support and acts of kindness for those caring for children with complex medical needs.

In honor of Little Lion Man’s 5th Birthday (5?!? How did that happen?!?) and the 5th Anniversary of Little Lion Challenge Day, we’re going FLOOD the world with the best kind of heart therapy out there. And again, we’re asking for the (cool) progeny community’s help.

Our goal for February 11, 2018? 1000 Acts of Kindness. 

Little Lion Challenge 1000 Acts

Little Lion Challenge Day 2018: 1000 Acts of Kindness

We’re celebrating the organization’s core belief that small acts of kindness make a BIG ROAR. Join us as we flood the world with the best heart therapy out there: kindness.

How to Participate as an Individual

There is no cost to participate. All you have to do is an act of kindness on February 11th and post what you did on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #LittleLionChallenge. (Photos or video are even better!). You can then visit LittleLionChallenge.org or (cool) progeny and see all of the kindness happening in real time!

It’s as simple as that. We even have cards we can send you to include with your act of kindness. Just RSVP to Our Facebook Event to learn more.

How To Participate as A Business

In Kind Donation

We are currently looking for businesses that can provide items for care packages for families with children in the NICU/PICU, snacks for Family Hospitality rooms and nursing/medical teams caring for these children, or items/services for families caring for children with complex medical needs at home.

Kindness Hub

We have 1000 Kindness Cards that we’re looking to distribute before February 11th so that they can be used by participants in the challenge on February 11th. The idea is that the card holder gives the card to the recipient of the act of kindness, and then the recipient pays it forward along with the kindness card to the next person. When individuals post their participation on social media using the hashtag #LittleLionChallenge, their image and post will appear on littlelionchallenge.org and coolprogeny.com. If you would like to be a Kindness Hub and help us get these cards into the hands of those that will fulfill a challenge, please let us know!

Monetary Donation or Little Lion Challenge Fundraiser

As a Little Lion Challenge partner, your donation makes a difference to a family who could use a little love. We would love if you donated a portion of sales proceeds to Little Lion Challenge, a portion of tips, or to work with you on another other creative idea for sponsorship. Because Little Lion Challenge is uniquely tied to (cool) progeny, all Little Lion Challenge partners receive acknowledgement of their support on the (cool) progeny media platform and social networks, as well as the Little Lion Challenge’s website and social media. All donations are tax deductible. If do plan a Little Lion Challenge Day fundraiser, we’ll help promote it!

Host Your Own #LittleLionChallenge Project

Have a cause that your passionate about? Design your own #LittleLionChallenge project that involves doing an act of kindness for someone else or a worthy organization, and we’ll help publicize it!

Tell Us How You’d Like To Help  

Our 2018 #LittleLionChallenge Partners

#LittleLionChallenge: Kindness In Action