How do you hold a fork? How do you cut your food? How do you greet your guests at the table? How do you order properly? What’s this about folding a napkin? Wait a second — you can’t lick a spoon?!?

These are all questions Miss Shirley’s wants to help demystify for kids! They’ve joined forces with The International School of Protocol, a premier provider of etiquette training, to debut a new kids’ program about dining social graces at their Roland Park location on February 10th. The highly interactive curriculum is especially geared to children ages 7-10 years old. The goal? Inform and entertain while improving a child’s self-confidence.

“It is important for me as a parent, and former elementary school teacher, to provide a comfortable space to have a fun, interactive etiquette class along with breakfast to help parents educate their children of the importance of social and dining skills,” said David Dopkin, Managing Member at Miss Shirley’s. “My hope is that this class will help boost confidence and refine manners when dining with family, friends, and/or other guests in any setting.”

How much does David believe kids need to have this knowledge? His oldest child is participating in the class.

We all know that first impressions last a lifetime. During this class, kids will enjoy a two-course brunch while learning the art of handshaking, how to set the table, table manners, how to cut their food, and more. (There are even some fun-to-know-hows planned — and your kids will love wowing you with their new skills!)

Miss Shirley’s is a peanut-free dining establishment and they are sensitive to the needs of kids with food allergies. Definitely don’t let food allergies be a deterrent if you think your child should participate!

It’s worth noting that kids are asked to come dressed in upscale casual attire. As Ginger Rogers said “I believe in dressing for the occasion. There’s a time for sweater, sneakers and Levis, and a time for the full-dress jazz.” So no sweatpants or PJs for this breakfast edventure.

Miss Shirley’s is hoping parents not only use the class as an opportunity to dialogue with their children about proper dining etiquette, but also as an opportunity to enjoy a little grown-up dining themselves. The restaurant is offering a 15% discount on breakfast for parents/grandparent/family member/guardian from 8:30-10:00 am, while they wait for their child.

The class costs $40/child and space is limited. Be sure to enroll your child today! You can find out more here.


How To Eat and Not Gross Everyone Out

Saturday, February 10
8:30 AM – 10:00 AM (Check-In at 8:15 AM)
Miss Shirley’s Cafe, Roland Park
513 W Cold Spring Ln, Baltimore