What’s the one story you want everyone — your kids, your friends, your business associates, the world — to know?

Storytelling. Whether it’s over a cup of coffee, on your Facebook page, via text message, late night chats with your spouse… our lives are memorialized through storytelling. 

Baltimore Dad and photographer John Waire knows how important stories area, especially the ones that have context beyond 140 characters.

“NOW, more than ever, we need our stories,” wrote John in a recent blog post.  “They resonate in ways that ground us and make us feel that human connection. They inspire us to live our lives to the fullest and reach out to each other in person…outside of the digital world. They give us hope. They allow us to shine our light.”

John wants to help one person — or family or business — in Baltimore tell his or her story through photography in a series that chronicles their world in 2018. And he’s giving away the opportunity. One lucky person will have John chronicle their story in a series of photographs over the entire year of 2018. No session fees. The only requirements? A willingness to participate, giving of your time to the project, and you have to tell him why your story should be told.

I know so many of you have stories that should to be told. Go on over to his website and tell John why he should help you tell yours. If at least 58 people enter his “The Big Give,” one lucky person (or family or business) will win.

How to Enter The Big Give

Send an email to john@thewairehouse.com with the following:

-Photo of the individual/family/business

-Tell him  a little about you, where you’re located and why he should be documenting your world for a year

-Preferred way for him to reach out to you if you’re chosen


Editor’s Note: Photo is a self portrait, by John Waire