Now in it’s fourth year, Step Up at St. Paul’s School for Girls (SPSG) offers a robust tutoring program for kids in elementary through high school — and the program is not just SPSG students and not just for girls.

“The mission of St. Paul’s School for Girls focuses on individualized learning,” said Amy Hassan, program director. “So naturally, our tutoring program reflects that.”

Trained to differentiate their instruction to fit a multitude of styles, Step Up tutors have developed a repertoire of strategies, exercises and tips to help students master material and develop more self-confidence as learners.

Here’s how it works. After an initial intake phone call with a parent, a student is matched with one of the program’s qualified teachers (they employ current and former teachers in a variety of specialties) and a first session is scheduled within a week. All individualized learning sessions take place on campus, are scheduled through a coordinator, are documented comprehensively for parents, and are discussed with the program director. Because the program is housed on the St. Paul’s School for Girls campus, students have the benefit of St. Paul’s resources during their tutoring sessions.

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The end goal? To help each student achieve their best possible success.

Tutoring isn’t necessarily a long-term commitment. Some students work with a tutor at SPSG for an academic year, some a semester, and others come when needed.

Not sure if your child would benefit from tutoring? Here are five instances when they might…

5 Reasons to Hire a Tutor for Your Child

Report Card Surprises

First semester report cards are out. How did your child do? If you were surprised by your child’s performance and think they should be doing better, it might be time to invest in a tutor.

You Need a Break

Let’s be honest. The daily homework struggle can be taxing on families. Having a third party can facilitate the process, eliminate power struggles, and help your child establish better study and work habits. Of course, there are the times when ‘new math’ is just too darn confusing for those who learned the ‘old math’ decades ago. That’s a good time to call a tutor, too.

Step Up Tutoring Program at St. Paul's School for Girls - (cool) progeny

Test Prep

If your child is stressing about their algebra final, a few sessions with a math tutor might be exactly what they need — especially when their peer study groups don’t seem to be helping. We all hit rough patches. Empowering your child to reach out for help is just as valuable a skill as learning to solve for x.

Confidence Needs a Boost

When kids feel competent in a subject area, they gain confidence. When they feel like they can’t keep up, oftentimes they retreat from the task at hand and fall farther behind. If you notice your child struggling with an academic concept, one-on-one attention can help identify where they need additional support and put those structures into place.

Summer Transitions

Scheduling a few sessions in late summer is a great way to help your child ease back into an academic routine. Sessions could be related to content areas, but could also be structured to help establish learning processes, time management, and stronger study skills. Help your child be poised to take on the challenge of a new year!


Learn More

Step Up provides tutoring and college counseling for students in independent and public schools as well as home-schooled students. For more information, please visit their website.


Editor’s Note: This article is sponsored by St. Paul’s School for Girls. Photos by Laura Black.