It’s beginning to look a lot like… holiday craziness.

It’s the time of year when the pressure to squeeze one more thing in can become overwhelming. (Caroling? casseroles for a local shelter? cookie baking? holiday parties? drinks with an out of town friend who is only in town for 3.2 minutes right after your third grader’s elementary string concert?)

So we asked the wellness experts at acac to give us a few tips for how we can all tame the frenzy and indulge in the spirit of the season.

How to Find Your Zen (During the Crazy Holidays)

Ways to Beat Holiday Stress - (cool) progeny

Strengthen social connections.

Holidays can be more about entertaining than connecting. It’s great to be the hostess, but make sure you break away from setting the table just right to sit down and spend real quality time with your family and friends.

Pick up a mediation / yoga habit.

Yoga and meditation may curb some of the reasons you’re stressed (holiday eating, anyone?) + endorphins, centering and calming. acac offers yoga, pilates, and meditation for all abilities. See a full schedule online here.

Start your day with protein.

Stressed + “hangry” = bad combination. Make sure you’re getting enough protein so you stay satisfied while holiday shopping.

Splurge on self care.

Whatever that means to you. Pick up a sheet mask from Target, commit to a personal training package, or grab a manicure after work. Taking time for you can help you center and de-stress.



Editor’s Note: This article is sponsored by acac.