For the last 50 years, Brown Memorial Weekday School has been a leader in providing a vibrant, experiential and collaborative learning program for young children in their Charles Street location. But some big changes are coming for the school next year…

A new location.

Brown Memorial Preschool - (cool) progeny Brown Memorial Preschool - (cool) progeny

Beginning in Fall 2018, Brown will be providing the same rich environment and program at St. Thomas Church on St.Thomas Lane in Owings Mills, Maryland — as Brown Memorial Preschool. The St. Thomas setting will offer an opportunity to expand the school’s nature-based programming and gardening programs on St. Thomas’ 52 acres of wooded land — something that preschool director Allison Bond is thrilled about.

“Our teachers are very excited about the new learning opportunities that both the indoor and outdoor environments offer for our program. Renovated classrooms will provide an ideal setting for learning and teaching,” said Allison.

What’s not changing? The school’s commitment to play-based learning and fostering a love of learning.

Brown Memorial Preschool - (cool) progeny Brown Memorial Preschool - (cool) progeny Brown Memorial Preschool - (cool) progeny

At Brown, the playground is a vibrant space — both for play and learning. You’ll find giant branch climbing structures (and kids on them). Kids love digging in the sandbox with toy dinosaurs or play trucks. Children of all ages catch and observe butterflies.

Brown Memorial Preschool - (cool) progeny Brown Memorial Preschool - (cool) progenyBrown Memorial Preschool - (cool) progeny

Inside, students build with MagnaTiles on the light table, understanding how the shapes fit together and starting to build a foundation for learning future mathematics concepts. Curiosity is piqued while observing (and feeding) the classroom fish. And of course, there are lots of stories at circle time.

“We welcome families to visit our program at our current location to see our program in progress!” said Allison.

Brown Memorial Preschool - (cool) progeny

The school is now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year and offering tours of their new location. For more information, please visit their website.


Editor’s Note: This article is part of our preschool partner profile series and is sponsored by Brown Memorial Preschool. Photos by Laura Black.