The Family Tree’s FamFest is this Saturday! What is it? A FREE afternoon of fun for kids of all ages (including you, mom and dad!) at the Weinberg Y in Waverly. Quality family time plays a vital role in building healthy children, and FamFest will show you how to build it into your daily routine. 

Not familiar with The Family Tree? You should be! The non-profit agency strives to raise families up by providing positive parenting education and intervention services. (You might remember them from our Flip The Script story earlier this summer). They act as a resource to help parents build bonds with their children, manage stress, understand child development, overcome challenges, and build community among families.

In addition to raising funds and awareness for The Family Tree, FamFest brings together volunteers and organizations from all of over the city to create a healthy family afternoon out for everyone. One volunteer? Jessica Brittingham, a local Baltimore mom and policy coordinator at Baltimore City Health Department (BCHD). She’s representing Billion Step Challenge, an initiative of BCHD at the event.  Read more to find out about the initiative — and register for the challenge before you go! Your steps at FamFest will definitely count!

Jessica Brittingham Billion Step Challenge - (cool) progeny

Why I Give: Jessica Brittingham, Billion Step Challenge

Give us the 30 second elevator pitch: What is Billion Step Challenge?

The Baltimore City Health Department (BCHD), business sector partners, and community-based organizations will launch a citywide wellness challenge to encourage all residents and employees in Baltimore City to get active with the goal of walking 1 BILLION steps on one year. The BCHD and its partners will engage City residents toward the goal of a billion steps by: hosting challenge events in communities across Baltimore City; and creating an online inventory designed to amplify other walks, runs and wellness events throughout the city

We understand that Billion Step Challenge is partnering with The Family Tree for FamFest. What role will you be playing?

The Baltimore City Health Department is currently a part of the planning committee and has provided access to city resources that were utilized for the Billion Step Challenge launch in July.

What are you looking forward to most about FamFest?

I am personally looking forward to all the fun family activities and healthy food options. I can’t wait to bring my daughter to participate in all the fun!

What about The Family Tree inspires you to donate your time (and weekend!) to their cause?

The work that is done at The Family Tree is so important that I consider it a privilege to help them with their cause. As a mother, I understand how overwhelming parenthood can be at times and The Family Tree is an invaluable resource. Their services range from parenting classes to a 24/7 parenting helpline. So donating my time and weekend is the least I can do.



Editor’s Note: (cool) progeny is a proud media sponsor of FamFest. Photos by Laura Black.