We’re through the first month of school! Which also means we’re well into fall sports, snacks, and clubs — so you probably have pulled snack duty once.  Maybe twice. 

We teamed up with our friends at Whole Foods Baltimore to bring you a few fall snack hacks. Fun, healthy ideas for the pint-sized snackers in your life. To make the the list, snacks had to be allergy-friendly, easy to transport, and simple to assemble in bulk when you’re feeding a crowd. But these high taste ideas aren’t just for teams. They are perfect after school bites for your family crew, too.

Fall Snack Hacks

DIY Graham Cracker Bites

Snack Hacks - DIY Graham Cracker Bites - (cool) progeny

We haven’t met a kid that doesn’t love Nutella and graham crackers… but dipping can be messy if you don’t have enough small containers to go around. We swapped out your favorite sweet spread with fair trade Belgian Cocoa spread (no nuts) and used Back to Nature Honey Graham Sticks to create mini sandwiches. Individually pack in small bags, toss in a few clementines, and you’re ready to snack!

Make Your Own Cereal Trail Mix

Snack Hacks - Cereal Mix - (cool) progeny

This is our favorite ideas for those mornings when you jolt out of bed because you forgot you have snack duty for 8 AM soccer: cereal trail mix! Mix whatever cereal you have in individual bags so it’s easy to distribute on the field. Puffins and 365 Cinnamon Squares scored high with our unofficial taste testers…

Apple Sammies + Chocolate Milk

Snack Hacks - Apple Sammies, (cool) progeny

Did you know chocolate milk is a great post-workout refuel? (Helps that it’s such a kid-pleaser!) Pair it with Whole Foods’ apple sammies for a balanced treat. We swapped the traditional peanut butter for sunbutter and brushed the apples with lemon juice to prevent browning.

Grape and Berry Cups with Popcorn

Snack Hacks - Grape and Berry Cups - (cool) progeny

On-the-field snacks don’t always have to be bananas and clementines (we know — they are so easy to throw in a bag and go!). If you have time before the game, make grape and berry cups with small plastic cups and lids. You can even insert plastic spoons in the straw hole if you’d like. Pair with pre-portioned popcorn and Whole Foods’ enhanced water. 

Veggie and Dip Cups

Snack Hacks: Veggie and Dip Cups - (cool) progeny

The (cool)est thing about these veggie and dip cups? The individual dips act as lids so they are super easy to transport. Just fill the cups, top with the dips and stand upright in your cooler. Lemonade and clementines make this a great between-games tournament snack.

Cheese and Cracker Stacks

Snack Hacks - Cheese and Cracker Stacks - (cool) progeny

Quarter pre-sliced cheese to make individual cheese-and-cracker stacks. Toss in some mini apples and waters. A great “little” lunch after 11 AM games that leave the littles ravenous! (You know, until you can get to the “big” lunch).

Chocolate Chip Granola Bar Bites

Chocolate Chip Granola Bar Bites - (cool) progeny

Looking for a healthier version of your kids’ favorite granola bar? This is the recipe you’re looking for! Uses brown rice cereal and sweetens with honey and chocolate chips. The whole team will love them — promise!


Snack Hacks: Grab-n-go - (cool) progeny

Life is busy. Sometimes the best snack is the one that’s already put together. We love these options from Whole Foods: Back to Nature Crispy Cheddar Crackers, ClifKid ZBars (make sure to read labels if you have a teammate with nut allergies!), raisins, fruit strips, and juice boxes. Pack the snacks in individual brown bags so kids can easily grab (and you have built-in mini trash bags to collect wrappers!).



Like we said before — life is busy! Need to save these ideas for later? Just pin this graphic to remind you!

Fall Snack Hacks  - (cool) progeny


Many thanks to Whole Foods Baltimore for partnering with us for these tips and ideas! All food was provided by Whole Foods for photography. Photos by Laura Black.