STEP. You’ve heard of it, right? The true-life, Baltimore-based documentary that was honored at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, STEP, is coming to Baltimore for special screening and one-of-a-kind performance!

On Friday, October 13th, the Baltimore community is invited to a FREE special screening at UA House at Fayette (operated by Living Classrooms). Following the performance, the audience will be treated to a special performance by the Lethal Ladies of the Baltimore Leadership School For Young Women

It’s free, but preregistration is required.

And, because we know you’re wondering, YES! You should definitely take your kids. The movie is rated PG, and the message is one that hit home.

“Kids should see the movie because these young ladies tell a story, and Step helps them push harder,” said Zanariah Weir, a Roland Park Elementary/Middle School student we sent to the STEP premier in August. “Hearing someone else’s story should impact others.”

Zanariah was joined at the premier by her step-dancing instructor Nadiera Young, and Ava Woods, a high school-aged dancer.

STEP was AMAZING! I didn’t expect it to be so good and inspiring!” said Ava, a 9th grader at Eastern Technical High School.  “What surprised me the most about the movie was how much I related to it. This movie shows how passionate these girls are about dance and how everything else compared to it isn’t as valued, which shows dedication, but also can be a struggle. The same goes for me! As a dancer, I often find my self revolving everything around my dance schedule, which gets stressful when it comes to homework and even hanging out with my friends. Sometimes I can’t complete all of my homework before dance starts but I’m so eager to go to dance, I’m willing to wake up extra early the next day to finish. We both are very passionate about what we do.”

Whether your son or daughter is a dancer or not, grit and passion are two themes that will resonate.

“I loved the film. Watching the girls go through their everyday lives and seeing them overcome the hardships is a true testament to who they are, and their village. The grit shown through the ladies was phenomenal,” said Nadiera, who teachers STEP at Roland Park Elementary/Middle School.  “They were full of life, vulnerable, open, honest, and beautiful. So often, we only see the negative. It was necessary to show them as a whole.”

Nadiera also has some advice for parents before taking your child to see the film, suggesting parents be open to themselves and their children. 

“I would hope that parents would take time to reflect on where they stand in terms of their child(ren)’s dream. Are you a part of their village, encouraging and challenging and working with them to succeed? Or are you a hindrance? How can it change if you are the hindrance? I believe parents do their best and send us (teachers) their best. What are the tools needed for parents to help their students be successful?”

Can’t make the screening? STEP will be available on DVD and Digital beginning October 17th.

Community Screening of STEP

Friday, October 13 | 5:30 PM
UA House at Fayette
1100 E. Fayette Street, Baltimore
FREE but Registration Required

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