In our Educational Leadership Series, we’re introducing you to leaders at our partner schools. Today, Andrew Holmgren, Head Master at Calvert School, shares what defines a Calvert School education.

What Defines a Calvert School Education?

By Andrew Holmgren

Three aspects define a Calvert School education: a commitment to the academic content and skills necessary for a lifetime of learning, a clear and well-informed understanding of the developmental growth experienced during the elementary and middle school years, and a dedication to the Kindergarten through Eighth Grade model of education.  Our structure as a school that serves students from ages four to fourteen allows us to focus our resources exclusively on these all-important early years.  This means that every conversation, every classroom, and every program is designed for this age group.  Calvert recognizes that during these years our boys and girls develop the habits of mind that will ensure future success.

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At Calvert, our K-8 structure allows us to hire faculty with a deep understanding of pedagogy, and a passion for teaching their specific age group.  It allows us to have an excellent and supportive process for ushering our students through each grade, including the significant transition from lower to middle school. It allows for meaningful leadership opportunities for our middle school students at a time when they are naturally developing habits of character, and are ready for the responsibility that comes with being the oldest students in our program.  Our structure focuses on the most appropriate developmental support of our students, up to and including the moment they choose their next school. So much of our students’ success in high school stems from the fact that they are choosing a high school months before attending that school, rather than years before. The programs they choose match their current unique strengths and interests, making their choices profoundly wise and relevant.  Lastly, the K-8 model of education provides a comfort and security for our children that keeps them younger just a little bit longer – a welcomed respite from a world that seems to be moving faster and faster for our children. At Calvert, our middle schoolers are not looking forward in a rush to young adulthood, they are looking back with joyful memories and a sense of responsibility in preserving that same experience for our youngest four and five-year-olds, as they embark on their Calvert ten-year journey.  

This is Calvert, and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Calvert School - (cool) progeny

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