Big Barn Puppets, the Annapolis-area farmyard puppet show, is headed to Baltimore not once– but TWICE — this October! Catch them at our Jelly and Jam Play Date at Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Center on Saturday, October 7th or at the St. James Academy Children’s Dinner Theatre on October 13th. We’ve got the 411 on both shows below.

What makes Big Barn Puppets so wonderful? The time and attention put into every aspect of the show by founder Jim Hossick and his ‘puppet partner’ Dawn Madak.  They’ll be presenting the show Zoo In My Room during each Baltimore performance. The show’s premise? Farmer Stu recently retired from his job as a zookeeper — and  there’s more work to do on the farm and the animals can’t keep up. They recruit some new animals from the zoo to help fill key farm jobs AND add to the musical fun.

We caught up with Jim to find out what audiences can expert during the show and what inspires him. You might be surprised to know what tunes he’s listening to when not in character… 

Big Barnyard Puppets - Zoo in My Room

Interview with Jim Hossick, Big Barn Puppets

Give us the history of Big Barn Puppets. How did it come to be?

 I created the show back in 2008 with a vision of having it become a stage production.  With the addition of  my current ‘puppet’ partner Dawn Madak in early 2016 the show is beginning to take off.  We’ve added new songs and skits, new barn sets of different sizes, new puppet characters, and an additional puppeteer for select shows.  Dawn and I are constantly looking for ways to improve the show and reach new audiences.

What can kids and parents expect during the Zoo in My Room show?  

The animal puppets working together to help each other and Farmer Stu.  They love contributing their special skills to fill the various jobs on the farm, while contributing their musical talents to make each work day fun!

Which puppet is your favorite?

I love them all, but I think Josie is my favorite since I named her after my mother.

What do you love most about being involved in Children’s Entertainment?  

Being able to witness the joy it can bring to a child as it’s happening during a performance.

Favorite kids’ book?

Green Eggs and Ham, because I believe my love of rhyming words and phrases as a child led me to eventually become a children’s music songwriter.

Who inspires you?  

People from all walks of life who take pride in their work.

If Pandora or Spotify are on at your house, who is playing? 

Yes, The Who is playing (sorry couldn’t resist), along with Yes, Steely Dan, and NRBQ.

Where To See Big Barn Puppets and Zoo in My Room

(cool) progeny Jelly and Jam Play Date
October 7 | 10:00 AM | Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Early Childhood Center

Celebrate fall with a fun morning designed for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers! (cool) progeny’s Jelly + Jam Play Date series brings Saturday morning fun to the Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Early Childhood Center in East Baltimore. Join us for java (for the adults. of course!), pint-sized friendly snacks, crafts, musical fun, and play! This October, we’ll be joined by Maryland’s favorite barnyard pupped show — Zoo In My Room!$5 per family. MORE

St. James Academy Children’s Dinner Theatre
October 13 | 5:30 PM | St. James Academy

Looking for a family night out that’s affordable, delicious, and entertaining? St. James Academy’s Children’s Dinner Theatre series aims to provide quality local entertainment for children and parents. Join us on Friday, October 13 for “Zoo In My Room: Puppets and Music.”  A casual dinner is served at 5:30 P.M. followed by the evening’s performance at 6:15 PM. Dinner is $6 per person and the show is $6 per person. $48 max cost per family. Come for dinner, dinner & show, or show only! MORE


Images provided by Big Barn Puppets