Think Cirque du Soleil moves are just for pros? Think again.

Kirsten LaPointe is a Baltimore Mom, artist, and antigravity instructor at Movement Lab. Yes, that’s right. She literally helps adults and kids take fitness to new heights. Today she’s giving us the (cool) scoop on what you can expect during an antigravity class and why it’s a great way to help your child build self esteem.

Antigravity Class at Movement Lab - (cool) progeny

Interview with Kirsten LaPointe, Antigravity Class Instructor at Movement Lab

Give us the 30 second elevator pitch — What is antigravity class?

Antigravity is an aerial fitness technique that uses silks; it looks like something you might see at Cirque du Soleil. The beauty of this activity is each individual can enjoy it at his or her own level and find personal empowerment from the experience. I like to say that it releases one’s superpowers; we are creating a justice league of Baltimore

How did you get involved in teaching the class?

I discovered Antigravity when I took a class with Lola Manekin, and was “hooked”. When the opportunity arose to become an instructor I, quite literally, jumped at the chance. I then travelled to the AntigravityLab in NYC for a series of certification trainings.

What fitness level do you recommend before trying antigravity class? 

One of my favorite things about Antigravity is that it is inclusive. It can meet you at your current fitness level, whatever that may be. Over time one will build skills and strength in a manner that almost seems accidental, because the fitness comes as a consequence of joy and play, rather than a prime directive.

Antigravity Class at Movement Lab - (cool) progeny

Let’s talk about kids for a second because Movement Lab has recently started a kids antigravity class series. What are the benefits for kids? How old should they be before they try it?

The benefits list is long. More obvious benefits are: stretching, conditioning, strengthening, coordination and proprioception. Unique to the Antigravity technique is the zero compression inversion that is a health benefit to the spine. What I love about the kids classes, however, is the immediate jump in self esteem. From the very first class students will achieve a victory, and as the series progresses those achievements build and grow into larger self empowerment. Kids are even provided with free time to invent moves and choreograph their own routines; amazing growth and beautiful creativity happens during that time. Antigravity Just Kids is for a five year olds up to eighteen years of age. We offer three classes: ages 5-9, ages 9-12, and teens.

Does anyone ever fall? (Ouch?)

When one challenges themselves there are occasional bumps. The height of the Antigravity hammock is measured to the hips of the participant, so no one falls from a very great height. This technique is designed to keep everyone safe.

Any advice for something giving the class a try for the first time?

First timers should be in comfortable clothing, like sweatpants or tights and a t-shirt. Know that you won’t be pushed to try anything you aren’t comfortable with we build our skills over time. Trust that at the end of one class you will have developed at least one new superpower.

Ok — we’re sold! If someone wants to give it a try, what should they do next?

Check Movement Lab’s website for the next kid series that begin the last week of September. Class for ages 5-9 is on Tuesdays from 4 PM – 5 PM; Class for ages 9-12 is on Fridays from 4 PM – 5 PM; and Teen classes are held on Thursdays from 5:15 PM – 6:15 PM. They can also book private classes for groups or individuals and Birthday parties. Call 443-388-9191 to schedule a date!


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