Maybe your kiddo has a fuzzy backpack this year. Or a sparkly one. Or the standard canvas variety. 

No matter what pack your kiddo picked to start the school year, the easiest way to personalize it is with a little back pack bling! We consulted the style gurus at Wee Chic for a little back pack individualization advice. Here’s what they showed us…

Bling Your Backpack

Bling Your Backpack - (cool) progeny

Koosh Ball Key Chain – Easiest way to identify your bag in the crowd? With a multicolor koosh ball keychain. 

Fabric Doodlers – Decorate a canvas bag with your own art! 

BAM! Book – Not exactly backpack bling, but a perfect thing to carry in the pack! Remember the Burn book in Mean Girls? This is the anti-burn book. Your kiddo and their bugs can fill the journal with positive things about one another.

Rhinestone Decal – What happens as soon as your kiddo puts a decal on their bag? They want to move it. That’s why these removable decal is perfect for kiddos who are prone to changing their mind (no need to rip out stitches!).

Badges – WOWEEE!!!! These badges are fun to display on bags, collect AND trade.

Color Your Own Fashion Stickers – Stickers. That you color. Really, is there anything cooler?

Safety Pin Craft Kit – The latest tween craft craze (we know yours made a safety pin bracelet at camp this summer!) is also fun for back pack bling. Your kiddo can craft their own zipper pull and one for their friends, too.


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