You’ve got the list. Scissors. Pencils. Lunchbox. Number 2 pencils. 8 washable markers, individually labeled. 2 different colored marbled notebooks with pocket insert. (Do they even make those?)

Back to school means supply stock-up — but what about moms? What things should be on your back-to-school list to help keep all of the balls in the air?

Here are a few things we love that will help you transition from the laid-back days of summer to organizing your family for the school year.

Back To School: Must Haves for Mom

Back to School Must Haves for Mom - (cool) progeny


1. Let’s Eat Magnetic Weekly Meal Plan

Created by 1 Canoe 2, this handmade weekly meal plan notepad has tons of writing space, attaches to the fridge AND has a detachable grocery list. “If only it came with a chef and someone to do the shopping!” joked Hannah Rodewald, owner of The Pleasure of Your Company. Stop by Hannah’s Green Spring Station store to pick up this organizing gem!

2. Love Notes

Send your kids a little a lunchbox love on these note cards, which look like looseleaf paper cut into little hearts. Available at Becket Hitch.

3. Love Your Lunches

Sure, you’ve made a pinterest board of kid-friendly lunches — but what about your lunches? (Unless you’re into No Nut Butter and Jelly squares with a side of quartered grapes…).From smokey sweet potato nachos to a harissa hummus pot, this book of easy-to-make, healthy lunches is full of great ideas! Available on Amazon and at Becket Hitch.

4. I Am Very Busy Insulated Cup.

Because you are very busy. But still need to hydrate. Cup by available at Becket Hitch.

5. Takenaka Bento Box

Small enough for your purse — and durable! This compact lunch box even has a stealthy compartment for utensils. Microwave and dishwasher safe, too. Available at Becket Hitch.

6. Notes for The Babysitter

Cute. Will look great on your fridge. And maybe if it says Notes to the Babysitter, your kids won’t make it into a flip-book. Maybe. Available at Becket Hitch.

7. Planner

Maybe your planner from last year went the way of the kids’ book bags last June? Start the school year fresh with a new one. Another gem from One Canoe Two. Cheers to a fresh outlook! Available at Becket Hitch and The Pleasure of Your Company.