If there is one thing you probably have lying around the house, it’s paper. And, if you’re like anyone on our team, you probably have an assortment of leftover craft paper from art projects tucked in drawer somewhere. 

That means you already have everything you need for this easy peasy Mother’s Day craft idea!

This gift idea got high marks from our kid crafters and “easy” marks from their moms. Just add a photo mat and frame for a perfectly giftable DIY that mom, grandma, or your kids’ favorite aunt is sure to love!

Muffins with Mom at Radcliffe Jewelers - (cool) progeny


  • assortment of craft paper
  • 4 by 6 index cards
  • scissors
  • paper cutout punches (if you have them)
  • pencil
  • sharpie marker (optional)
  • glue stick
  • photo mat


First things first: make a plan. Talk to kid about what kind of paper collage they’d like to make. A vase of flowers because Grandma is the ‘pick of the bunch?’ A sky full of stars because you love mom ‘to the moon and back?’

Cover your index card in the scrapbook paper of choice. Then cut your shapes using the cutout punches or draw your shapes in pencil and cut them out.

Muffins with Mom at Radcliffe Jewelers - (cool) progeny

Layer and glue. Allow to dry. Add detail with a sharpie marker (if desired!)



Yes. It’s as easy as that! (And pretty, too!)

Mother's Day Paper Collage Craft - (cool) progeny