Heather was first introduced to SeekingSitters when her son, Quinn, was born. She was living in Houston and wanted to have a sitter service ‘on-the-ready.’ Added bonus? This one that provided background checks for both sitters and families, She liked that the company culture prioritized safety for both their clients and their employees.

When life happened and she found herself back in Timonium — now as a single parent — she looked for a similar service. She also happened to looking for a career opportunity that gave her more flexibility with Quinn. 

Hello, opportunity.

“I decided the Baltimore area needed the same safety and personal attention to sitting I’d experienced before,” said Heather. “So I purchased the franchise for our area.”

What makes SeekingSitters safe? When a family becomes a member or a sitter applies for work, SeekingSitters employs a licensed private investigator to complete an investigation. According to Heather, the investigation allows SeekingSitters to use facts when looking into a sitter or a family — instead of just an online background check that can often miss vital information. Their investigators check social media and look at a person’s character profile history, too.  All sitters are CPR and First Aid certified.

It’s not just safety that Heather prides her company on; it’s the personal attention. 

“What I like best is the personal connection with people,” said Heather. She loves that she not only forms a great relationship with the sitters who work for her, but with the families that hire through her service. She personally handles all of the sitter matching, even helping when things pop up last minute. She attributes really getting to know her sitters and families as key to making successful matches.

Coffee with Heather Stoll Vereecken, SeekingSitters Baltimore Metro, North, and Northwest - (cool) progeny

“I work directly with families and help take the stress out of having to make all the calls and finding a sitter,” said Heather. “They aren’t just getting a great sitter, they are also getting someone to help them handle the stress of things popping up last minute.” 

Heather has big plans for SeekingSitters in the Baltimore community. She’s currently rolling out a plan to help local companies add SeekingSitters as a benefit to their employees. An especially helpful benefit for professional development days or weather-related closing events that become tricky for working parents. SeekingSitters membership also travels with families; so companies that require travel would be able to offer a sitting solution for workers traveling to locations where SeekingSitters has a presence. Or just those headed for a vacation and looking for a date night!

Bringing SeekingSitters to Baltimore has given her the extra time with Quinn as well. Her day starts with walking him to school and ends with taking him to his activities (right now, that’s hockey). She gets all of her scheduling, interviews, meetings — and if she’s lucky, a workout — in before school lets out for the day at 3 PM.  On the weekends, you’ll find the mom-and-son duo catching a game at Penn State (Heather’s alma mater).

How does she take time for herself? By connecting with old friends or indulging in a little mindless television.

The Real Housewives of any city makes me laugh and realize life is good,” said Heather.

And just for accuracy sake, I should mention Heather doesn’t drink coffee. Chai tea latte is her drink of choice. Usually over ice, but warm on chilly days.


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Photos by Laura Black.