Where can you hear David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” and “The Senses Song” by Little Miss Ann and Amy D? On WTMD’s new Saturday morning radio program — Young at Heart! It debuts this Saturday, March 4, at 7 AM.

(Yes, we know your pre-kid self is screaming 7 am?!?! But your post-kid self knows you’ve already had your second cup of coffee, made lego sculptures, and run three toddler laps around the house by then…)

Even more exciting then a new Charm City-based radio show the whole fam will love? It’s hosted by Baltimore Mom and local kindie fav, Lisa Matthews of Milkshake.

The weekly program aims to provide a mix of kid-friendly tunes from adult artists along with some of the best names in the kindie music genre. According to Lisa, each show will spotlight an adult artist and their kid-friendly music in a regular feature called Adult Kid, too. This week’s AK artist is Lisa Loeb. {Oh, hello high school flashbacks…} As part of the AK feature, listeners will hear “Say Hello,” a song off Feel What U Feel, Loeb’s latest release for kids, and “I Do” off her Firecracker CD.

“I want Young at Heart to fit with WTMD and its beautifully indie perspective,” said Lisa in a WTMD press release. “I’d like to think we’re at our best when we’re young at heart — when we have a youthful outlook on life no matter what our age. I still like to ride the roller coaster, jump in rain puddles and eat toasted marshmallows. So listening to songs about taking a trip into space or the wonders of rainbows or eating lots of grapes rocks my world, and I hope it makes listeners smile while they start their day together.”

Check out this week’s playlist and tune in on Saturday! WTMD is 89.7 on your radio or you can stream through their website.