Uncle Pete never comes to one of his shows with a prepared song list. Instead, he takes cues from the audience and organically build his performance — one kid-friendly tune at a time.

That doesn’t mean all of his tunes are of the classic kid song variety. With over forty years of music industry experience in the music industry, there’s a variety of musical influence in his repertoire.  All with SFPS — safe for preschool — lyrics.

The Bel Air-based performer takes the stage at St. James Academy’s Children’s Dinner Theatre on Friday, April 7th. LED lights, confetti and bubbles combined with soulful 60’s inspired tunes to keep kids (and adults!) rocking. A musical jam session the whole fam will love!

How does the dinner theater experience work? A casual dinner is served in Macdonald Hall at 5:30 PM followed by the evening’s performance at 6:15 PM in the Susan Tucker Moore Theatre. Dinner is $6 per person and the show is $6 per guest. Children under 2 are free and there is a $48 max cost per family. Really, it’s the (cool)est deal in town. And your home just in time for bedtime stories. 

When we talked with Uncle Pete, he assured us that it will highly engaging and interactive performance! When asked what he’s most looking forward to about the show, Uncle Pete said he can’t wait to see families express themselves onstage — yes, even Mom and Dad! — singing and dancing together. 

So nab your tickets and check out the best family date night in town!

Learn more about St. James Academy Children’s Dinner Theatre | Visit Uncle Pete’s Facebook Page


Image provided by Uncle Pete