Stella is coming. Need some ideas for keeping the kids busy over the next few days? We’ve got a few!

snow day survival guide

Stock up on free books. Baltimore County Public Library branches will be open until 9 PM tonight. If you can make it to your nearest branch, check out books, audiobooks, DVDs, CDs, e-readers, Chromebooks, Playaways, launchpads, and magazines. Can’t make it in? Go virtually! All through’s database page with a valid library card: download e-books and stream movies from the Criterion Collection (under digital materials), learn a language via Rosetta Stone (under languages), kids can get homework help with Brainfuse (under homework) and more! Here are some of our favorite snow day books!

Snowstorm food. Yes, it’s a thing. Soup. Cookies. Pancakes. Crispy Onion Chicken Tenders. Anything you can throw in a slow cooker. Think carbs. Thin Mint Brownies (Hey, St. Patty’s Day is on Friday!).

Make things with snow. Paint the snow with diluted food coloring. Skip the giant snowman and make “mini” versions with Mr. Potato Head pieces. Try a spud slalom. Don’t forget the snow ice cream.

Break out the kitchen science. Candy science or candy architecture are fun ways to keep the brain engaged AND use up that leftover Valentine’s Day candy. Before the Easter candy comes… 

Pi Day Fun. March 14th just happens to be Pi Day. Make a pie — or a pizza pie! Challenge the kids with this Pi Day Art project. Try a family circle painting (great with littles!).

Get Crafty. Snow days are good days for crafts between sledding sessions. But you don’t have to buy out Target’s craft section in a frenzy. Whip up some watercolor snowflakes. Make a snow globe. Start decorating for St. Patrick’s Day. Or even make these adorable yarn butterflies.

Create a Washi Tape City. One of the most fun ways to use all of those matchbox cars – a washi tape city! And kids will love creating roads and buildings. This one can be a whole day adventure if they get into the zone.

Have a Photo Shoot. Grab your camera (the good one — not your phone), and snap a few snow day smiles. We’ve got tips for taking fab photos in the snow!

Kitchen Dance Party: … and when you feel like you might be at the peak of cabin fever, turn up the tunes. Snow Day Music Mix, anyone?

Snuggle up with a Podcast. Kid podcasts are not only (cool), they’re perfect for calming down the snowed in crazies without vegging in front of screen. Some of our favs? Story Pirates, Stories Podcasts, and The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian.

Build the Ultimate Blanket Fort. Pinterest has some great inspiration! But we’re loving this simple idea… Just add smores and you can have your own indoor family campout.

Go Sledding! Here are some of Baltimore’s most popular sledding hills…

Plan Your Summer Vacation. Because, summer. It’ll be here before you know it. 

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