You don’t need to be Irish to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day with this easy Shamrock collage craft! Shamrocks and four leaf clovers are considered good luck; so we encourage kids to can use as many as they’d like with this super easy mixed media art project. Best part? There is no right way to do it and you can use things you have around the house.

Shamrock Collage Craft - (cool) progeny

kid diy: shamrock collage craft


Small canvas
St. Patrick’s Day-inspired ribbons 
Felt Shamrocks
Gold leprechaun coins, sequins, glitter, small paper clovers — whatever you have or is lying in the bargain aisle at your favorite craft store.


First, take your canvas and paint the entire background. You can use any color you’d like, but remember that most our decorations will be green!

Then, after the paint drys, take your ribbon and glue it as a background. Try different patterns with your ribbons to create a fun design. (Tip: Lay out your design to make sure you like it before you glue it down.) 

Next, glue down your large felt shamrock to the canvas. 

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate! Use other St. Patrick’s Day items to bring your collage to life! Glitter, leprechaun gold, sequins, and whatever else you can find — add to the canvas to make it POP. 

Place finished Shamrock Collage somewhere safe to dry. 

Once your collage is dry, sign the back and hang it up some place special. Or give it to a special person as a good luck charm!