You did your homework. You went on the school tours. You found the perfect charter school. You hit all of the application deadlines. The admissions letter or email arrives. You inhale deeply, hold your breath, and open it.

Your child was waitlisted.


Now what?

Navigating Baltimore City School options can be overwhelming at first. Add a layer of #FixTheGap anxiety, and you may feel compelled to make a quick exit to the burbs.

Don’t call your realtor just yet — because you do have options.

Live Baltimore is inviting all city parents with children on waitlists at their charter school of choice to join them for coffee on March 18th or April 22nd. At each event, parents will have a chance to meet with representatives from schools that have openings for the 2017-2018 academic year. Schools include public charter schools, public zoned schools, private, and parochial schools.

“When we started programming for families in 2015, we saw an immediate gap for those waitlisted at charters,” said Annie Milli, marketing director at Live Baltimore. “We knew we had information that could reduce these families’ stress and we wanted to offer it through these events.”

You may even learn something about your zoned public school that intrigues you. Live Baltimore has profiled 16 public elementary schools that benefit from strong foundation, corporate and/or community support; experience steady growth; and have a high percentage of students performing at an advanced level.

(Maybe that’s your zoned school and you didn’t even it know it!)

If, for whatever reason, you feel your zoned neighborhood school is a bad fit for your child or family, there are circumstances under which Baltimore City Schools will allow transfer to another neighborhood public school with space. Schools at Live Baltimore’s event will elaborate.

“Families are surprised to learn they can successfully secure seats in schools outside their own zones,” said Annie. “But we know many who have.”

Maybe you didn’t know about the arts integration program at Mount Royal Elementary. Or that Barclay Elementary has a new 10-year partnership with The Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering. Or that families at Federal Hill Prep take part in an informal “Scooter to School” club. That’s the kind of insider information you’ll glean at Live Baltimore’s coffee sessions — and why neighborhood public schools with space availability for next year will be present at the event. Not just charter and independent schools.

Both coffee events are FREE, but register in advance.

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