After 20 years as a special education teacher, Baltimore mom Bridget Strama found a new calling: teaching children’s yoga. Her personal experience with yoga found it was a great way to bounce back from a sports injury. With her students and own children, it became a wonderful vehicle for reducing their anxiety and improve social skills.

Her business, Child’s Heart Yoga, is housed at Earth Pulse Yoga in Hamilton. They provide mini-camps, summer camps, yoga events, and after school activities for children both at Earth Pulse and area schools. 

Since February is the month of love, we met up with Bridget to learn about pint-sizer friendly partner yoga poses — poses that kids (and even kids and parents!) can do together. Here are her three top picks!

partner yoga poses for kids - (cool) progeny

a lizard on a rock

Lizard on a rock pose is not only fun — its a great stretch! Two children can do the pose or a child and an adult. ‘The rock’ comes into child’s pose while the lizard carefully lies down back to back with the rock. A pose that’s grounding for the rock and an easy heart-opening stretch for the lizard.

partner yoga poses for kids - (cool) progeny

a forest of trees

If you’ve been to a yoga class, you know all about tree pose. It’s a balance pose that improves focus and concentration, while quieting the mind. 

partner yoga poses for kids - (cool) progeny

double boat or partner boat pose

Such a fun teamwork pose. Just be wary — a little ‘rocking the boat’ might end up in waves of laughter!

partner yoga poses for kids - (cool) progeny

Come meet Bridget at our Healthy Heart Play Date at The Bryn Mawr Little School on Saturday, February 4th! She’ll be providing three complimentary yoga classes for kids (and parents!) as part of the festivities. MORE DETAILS