Looking for a family night out that’s affordable, delicious, and entertaining? St. James Academy’s Children’s Dinner Theatre series aims to provide quality local entertainment for children and parents. On Friday, February 10th, join them for Pam the Kindersinger’s Icicle Ball. Pam, Rascal and friends will keep you warm and toasty with singing, dancing, puppetry and lots of laughs! The perfect opportunity for a fun family night out and get rid of those cooped up crazies!

How does the dinner theater experience work? A casual dinner is served in Macdonald Hall at 5:30 PM followed by the evening’s performance at 6:15 PM in the Susan Tucker Moore Theatre. Dinner is $6 per person and the show is $6 per guest. Children under 2 are free and there is a $48 max cost per family. Really, it’s the (cool)est deal in town.

I caught up with Pam to learn more about Icicle Ball — and to find out more about her sidekick, Rascal. (Rascal apparently has plenty of laugh-out-loud antics planned for the performance!)

catching up with pam the kindersinger

I’m always intrigued by the path individuals take… how did you end up in the world of children’s entertainment?

In high school, I was in a choral group that was the warm up band for Peaches and Herb, The Beach Boys, and we entertained troops at different military bases. I also was briefly in the traveling group Up with People.

College, marriage, kids took priority and put singing on the back burner, but I sang in our church choir with Val Smalkin. We were asked to entertain at a church function and Val decide we could put together a fun program for her son’s preschool at the same time. The director of the preschool saw the show and told us that we were better than groups that she paid to come, and…voilà! We evolved from trio to duo as Val and Pam Kindersingers until Val went back to practicing law — hated it after our FUN job — and went to teaching music and drama at St James Academy. I continued as Pam the Kindersinger.

Your sidekick is Rascal. Tell us a little bit about him.

And then there is Rascal! He just reminded me that he is the star, and I am the sidekick. When my children were growing up, they rescued a drowning chipmunk from our pool and it lived with us after that. Of course, his name was Rascal, and it was just natural for me to feature a chipmunk as my puppet because I was very familiar with the animal. Everyone loves his silly interruptions, and his warped versions of familiar songs.

You’ve been entertaining children since 1986. How has the industry changed over the last 30 years — and maybe more important, what has stayed the same?

Oh, the children’s entertainment business. I notice children are spending more time with video games, TV, tablets, iPods. It is important for me to take a moment before starting a show to instruct them in live audience behavior. Tight school budgets, tight time schedules don’t allow for as many live programs as in the past. CDs are becoming a thing of the past. Downloading and streaming seem to be the way to get my original music out there. I have watched retail during its slow demise have to let family fun days go by the wayside, malls just can’t seem to support the programs like in the past. But what is the same? I still see organizations, parents, teachers know the importance of live performance. Schools, museums, libraries, daycares all still include me as much as they can. And the same for me? I still see the joy on young faces, while they listen and follow my directions during the show, and this is a very good thing.

What can audiences expect at the Icicle Ball next week at SJA’s Children’s Dinner Theatre?

My Icicle Ball program is so much fun! We will be dancing to my Freeze song, my Penguin Waddle, and get rid of our Cooped Up Crazies. I never know what Rascal will do, but we shall see. The children will sing some songs with me, and Scooter the dog may come along to make an appearance. Let’s see what happens!

When you’re not onstage, what are you doing?

When I am not being a Kindersinger, I love being on my farm with my horses and my dog, Tavi. He is a Jack Russell terrier and is very bossy. Our pony Frito Bandito is 44 years old , but he is always playing and having a good time. Sometimes a new song will pop into my head, and I run into my studio to write my music. Then my husband records my new song to produce the finished product so I can perform it for the children.

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