It’s probably not java in Dr. MaryRose Eichelberger’s cup. It’s probably Cinnamon Cardamom tea. She likes the spicy, herbal, citrusy aroma.

(It also happens to pair well with HoneyBell oranges. A patient turned her on to them years ago and she’s been a fan ever since!)

Maryrose’s waterfront home is full of photos chronicling her family, her two daughters growing up (they’re both in college now), and comfortable places to curl up with a good book and take in views of the Severn River. The space is a lot like she is — serene and contemplative.

Honestly, she probably would have been much more at home being the interviewer than the interviewee. Much preferring to listen to me chatter on. Her calming demeanor and proclivity for listening is probably what makes her so popular with her patients.

You might wonder how a doctor who specialized in internal medicine her entire career came to be owner of the BeBalanced: Hormone Balance and Weight Loss Center’s Annapolis location. In short, she herself was looking for balance.

“I just wasn’t feeling great. Tired. Low energy. 20 extra pounds,” said Maryrose. “I’d tried diet and exercise and just wasn’t feeling any better.”

Her sister came across a Be Balanced center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (their headquarters and Maryrose’s hometown) and called her to talk through the science behind hormone balancing. The concept intrigued her. When Maryrose researched more, she found a health and weight loss philosophy that provided answers to questions that modern medicine wasn’t necessarily asking. 

A yin to the yang, so to speak.

The premise of BeBalanced? Because of hormone imbalance caused by stress, which is pervasive in our culture, some women cannot get into the state of ketosis that would allow stored body fat to be used as a main source of fuel. Hormone imbalance basically makes weight loss impossible for some women– regardless of diet and exercise.

Coffee with MaryRose Eichelberger - (cool) progeny

This concept resonated with Maryrose. Even though her daughters were both away at school, she had a demanding schedule as a physician. Her custom of embracing patients as family further added emotional stress on top of work stress (even if it made her a better doctor). Maybe stress and hormone imbalance were the invisible culprits sabotaging her health.

So she tried the eight week homeopathic program.

It worked. But to Maryrose, success wasn’t measured by numbers on a scale. She physically felt better — the best she had felt in years.

Instinctively, Maryrose knew that feeling needed to be shared. She brought the program to Maryland through and opened a center in Crownsville last fall. 

What Maryrose has learned through researching hormone balancing has not only impacted her own health, but the health of those in her traditional medical practice as well. She finds herself often talking about stress reduction as part of a medical regiment with her patients. 

“When someone tells me they’re looking to lose weight, the first question thing I do is talk to them about stress in their lives, and we talk how to reduce it,” said Maryrose.

Running two businesses — her medical practice and the BeBalanced Center — keeps her weekdays busy from 7 to 7. Relaxing on the weekend is priority number one.  In the winter, she spends weekends at Deep Creek skiing with her husband and friends. In the summer, she hikes down the 161 steps in her backyard (yes, I counted) and enjoys the river. Walking out the back door is an instant relaxer.

Coffee with MaryRose Eichelberger - (cool) progeny

“One of the things that relaxes me the most is learning,” said Maryrose. “I love to read to learn. The more I absorb, the more knowledge I have to help my patients and others in my life.”

To learn more about BeBalanced: Hormone Balance and Weight Loss Center, visit their website, check them out on Facebook,  or sRSVP for their free seminar on Wednesday, February 22nd. Though their location is in Crownsville, the do serve all of Maryland. 


Photos by Laura Black