Looking for something designed for beautiful, purposeful play? aMuse Toys is your go-to! As co-owner Claudia Towles says, they’re ‘picky so you don’t have to be.’  Their curated collection of toys will delight kids of all ages — and they have two locations to serve the Baltimore community (one in Fells Point and one in Quarry Lake). Here’s a peek at some of Claudia’s favorites for giving this holiday season!

… yes, they gift wrap!

Shop Baltimore: Gift Ideas from Amuse Toys - (cool) progeny

For the toddlers in your life, the Musical Rainbow Railway from Hape is a must-have! Train lovers will delight passing over the xylophone bridge and tambourine gulch.  (You’ll love that there are no batteries required — which means no loud ‘toddler-fied’ music. Parenting win!)Shop Baltimore: Gift Ideas from Amuse Toys - (cool) progeny

Lux Interlocking Versatile Building Blocks are ideal for the kid who loves to construct things! They can make everything from dollhouse furniture to moving animals. Just add imagination.
Shop Baltimore: Gift Ideas from Amuse Toys - (cool) progeny

Dr. Eureka is a fun game that the whole family can play! (We’re picturing the giant demo size). Players try to be the first to duplicate color patterns on the playing cards — using only their three test tubes. Since no reading is required, it’s great for families with littles and bigs!
Shop Baltimore: Gift Ideas from Amuse Toys - (cool) progeny

Um, conductive ink pen. Do we need to say more? Budding artists and scientists alike will love Circuit Scribe! The maker kit includes 11 magnetic modules to create functional circuits on paper. 

Shop Baltimore: Gift Ideas from Amuse Toys - (cool) progeny

Your favorite Magnatab product now glows in the dark! We love this for no-mess travel in the car or on the plane. This is a definite if you’re headed over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house this holiday season.Shop Baltimore: Gift Ideas from Amuse Toys - (cool) progeny

Speed racers of all ages will love aMuse’s collection of race cards from PlayForever. Beautifully constructed — and they look just as amazing perched on a shelf as they do racing down the hallway. Claudia said that her “little” guy (who’s not so little anymore — he’s in high school) still gets one of these every year.Shop Baltimore: Gift Ideas from Amuse Toys - (cool) progeny

One of our favorite locally-created product makes a perfect gift for baby! What are Kleynimals? Fun, stainless steel, eco-friendly, non-toxic animal shaped keys designed for babies. A simply brilliant idea created by Annapolis area mom Kirsten Chapman. Made in the USA, too!

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Photos by Laura Black.