‘Tis the season where I think I have plenty of wrapping paper… ’till just before I need to give someone a present and go to unroll the wrapping paper, only to discover I actually have enough to wrap exactly half the present. I would like to say that this has only happened to me one time and that I have learned my lesson, but honestly this happens to me pretty much every year.

The one thing I have come up with to help is keeping a large stock of 18×24 (or larger) newsprint on hand. I love this paper for kids to color on and having it on hand for back up wrapping paper is an added bonus. For last minute birthday wrapping, I will often have kids draw a picture on the newsprint, add a little bow or string and we are ready to go.

For the holidays though, I like to get the kids involved in the giving by letting them make the wrapping paper for our gifts. It is super easy to do and the kids love seeing their handmade wrapping paper on all our gifts. Even better this craft is a great excuse to clean out your fridge and use some of those old fruits and veggies.

Fruit + Veggie Stamped Wrapping Paper - (cool) progeny Fruit + Veggie Stamped Wrapping Paper - (cool) progeny

fruit + veggie stamped wrapping paper


18 x 24 sheets of newsprint paper (or larger) – you can order this on amazon or get it at Staples or Michaels
Washable stamp pad- most craft stores or online
Fruits and veggies, apples, potatoes, lemons, oranges, okra, celery, really whatever you have on hand!


Find a large flat area to work, If you are working with little kids, I have found the floor works best. Layout one sheet of newsprint, sometimes it helps to tape the corners down with a piece of washi tape.

In the kitchen, prep the fruit or veggies you want to use to print with. You can use whatever you have on hand, half the fun is experimenting to see what kind of prints the different fruits and veggies you have will make! We used celery for the sample, actually the base of the celery that is left behind when you cut the stalks off to eat. It made a super cool flower like print. We have also tried apples, lemons and oranges (squeeze out the juice first to get a better print) okra, potatoes, even corn on the cob!

Fruit + Veggie Stamped Wrapping Paper - (cool) progeny

Place your cut veggies on a plate and lay them next to your paper. Start by dabbing your fruit or veggies onto your washable ink pad. It is helpful to have a tester paper to try your stamp on first.

Once you are happy with your stamp let kids stamp all over the newsprint to their hearts content.

Let paper dry, then roll up to save for future use.

Fruit + Veggie Stamped Wrapping Paper - (cool) progeny

some more ideas…

  • Don’t want to stamp, just have kids color or paint on the paper to make their own wrapping paper.
  • You can also print on fabric, such as tea towels or pillow cases, just use a fabric ink, these make great kid made presents