Want a fun + easy way to spread the idea of thankfulness through your house? Create a thankful photo garland! It’s a fun project the whole family can get in on — and will finally help you print some of those digital photos collecting virtual dust on your desktop. 

Create a Thankful Photo Garland - (cool) progeny

thankful photo garland


digital photos OR digital camera/smart phone
photo printer paper
printer paper
burlap (optional)


Brainstorm with the kids. What are you thankful for? Could be anything from hot coffee to friendships. The little things count!

Go on a photo safari. That might mean flipping through the collection on your computer or sending the kids out with a smart phone to take their own photos.

Print your photos. We opted to print in black and white, but color looks great , too!

Create labels for your images. Glue them to the photos. You may opt to glue photos to garland.

Attach photos to twine with clips. Hang & enjoy!

Create a Thankful Photo Garland - (cool) progeny