Halloween mania is in full swing at my house! There is a constant chatter from my kids about costumes, trick or treating plans, pumpkins, parties and candy. While getting all our halloween stuff out and sorting through it I realized that the lantern we took trick or treating last year had broken and I wondered if maybe we could make our own lantern for this year.

A quick trip to the recycling bin (my favorite place for craft inspiration) and I found just the thing for our lantern, yogurt cups. With the simple addition of an LED tea light, some stickers or markers and a pipe cleaner, we have new lanterns ready for the big night!

not-so-spooky halloween lantern craft for preschoolers

not-so-spooky halloween lantern craft for preschoolers


  • 2 yogurt cups for each lantern (I found the Chobani ones work best!)
  • Sharpie markers
  • Scissors
  • Sticky back foam halloween stickers (you can get these at Target or Michaels)
  • Pipe cleaners (optional)
  • Battery powered LED tea light (You can also get these at Target or Michaels or use a glow in the dark bracelet if you can’t find an LED light)

not-so-spooky halloween lantern craft for preschoolers


Start by washing out two empty yogurt containers and letting them dry. If you don’t have empty yogurt containers you could also use two same size tupper ware containers or even two plastic cups.

Peel any labels off the yogurt containers.

Using a pair of scissors or xacto knife cut a whole from the bottom of one of the yogurt containers (this step should be done by a grown-up.)

Allow kids to decorate the yogurt cups however they want. They can use sharpie markers or halloween stickers make really cool shadows, too.

not-so-spooky halloween lantern craft for preschoolers

After the cups have been decorated glue the two open sides of the yogurt cups together. You can use Elmers glue, hot glue or whatever you have on hand.

Insert a battery powered tea-light into the hole in the top.

Optional- Use scissors to poke a hole on either side of the yogurt cup and insert a pipe cleaner to create a handle.

more ideas

Lanterns make a great holiday table top decoration!
When you add the handle, you can carry your lantern to light the trick or treating path.
Not Halloween? Decorate your lantern with leaves, glued paper or even punched holes.