The idea of CoolSculpting is often met with a bit of skepticism. The same kind of skepticism you might give those late-night, life transforming infomercials. Does this really work? 

(You bought that salad chopper, too?)

So when The Baltimore Center of Plastic Surgery asked us to help spread the word about their CoolSculpting treatment to local moms, we had the same skeptic reaction. Rather than just telling you about how it works, we decided to talk to two local women who’ve done it.

CoolSculpting at The Baltimore Center - Kaitlyn Jones - (cool) progeny

kaitlyn’s story

Kaitlyn Jones is the Patient Concierge at The Baltimore Center and a freelance make-up artist. The 24-year-old maintains a healthy lifestyle and felt great, but kept coming back to that ‘one spot’ when she looked in the mirror.

“I’ve always had this dimple in my lower abdomen and I was very insecure about it. It was the one thing that bugged me,” said Kaitlyn. After committing  working out, eating right, and losing 17 lbs (but not the dimple), it bugged her even more.

She knew surgery wasn’t an option she wanted to explore. After seeing patients at The Baltimore Center get CoolSculpting treatments, she decided to give it a try on her lower abdomen.

“It was slightly uncomfortable for the first few minutes, but I could breathe through it,” said Kaityln. After that, she didn’t feel anything and was on her phone during the rest of the treatment. 

What surprised her most about the experience?

“That it worked.”

A self-proclaimed skeptic, Kaitlyn was up for trying anything but had low expectations. She saw results as soon as one month later. By three months? She was thrilled. 

CoolSculpting at The Baltimore Center - Sherry Schilling - (cool) progeny

sherry’s story

Sherry Schilling needed a jumpstart. After becoming a first-time mom at 41 (she has three older step-sons), she was having trouble getting back to her pre-baby lifestyle that included triathlons and Alcatraz swims. Sure, she had a demanding job as VP of Implementation at Kelly & Associates Insurance Group — and a toddler. But it was more than that. She didn’t feel comfortable working out with the excess weight.

“I didn’t feel good about myself,” said Sherry. “It wasn’t about how others looked at me, it was about how I felt about me.”

CoolSculpting gave her the boost to get back into the gym. Like Kaitlyn, she wasn’t interested in surgical procedures and extended downtime really wasn’t an option for her with a toddler at home. She’s had several areas treated over the past few months, including her abdomen. Although the first few minutes of each treatment were uncomfortable, she was able to work and have conference calls after those initial minutes. She even took a nap once. Wrapped up in the comfy robe they gave her.

“I think it’s important for women to know this is a jumpstart. It’s not a fix. You have to commit to eating healthy and exercising. I’m back to running 3-4 days a week, and walking or biking with my daughter the other days. It was exactly what I needed to be helped along,” said Sherry.

Sherry mentioned that this was not a procedure that she simply had cash lying around for, but that she was able to use Care Credit (and thought that option might help other moms as well). She also had a few days of abdomen pain that was easily remedied with an ice pack. According to her, 3-5% of patients may experience it.

Would she recommend her friends try it?


CoolSculpting at The Baltimore Center - (cool) progeny

interested in CoolSculpting?

The Baltimore Center for Plastic Surgery is having a FREE event on October 26th to introduce Baltimore women to CoolSculpting. Part information, part mini-escape the session will involve a complimentary assessment,  their “Cool Advantage” applicator (treatment times are now 35 minutes vs 60 minutes!), and lite fare. If, after an assessment, you decide to book additional treatments, you’ll receive 20% of your package and be entered for a chance to win a free treatment site. Everyone who attends will receive a $20 gift card toward any service BCPS’ spa. The event is free, but you must RSVP in advance. Just call BCPS at 410-828-4123.


Editor’s Note: This article is sponsored by The Baltimore Center for Plastic Surgery, but we talked to Sherry and Kaitlyn independently to get the scoop.