When life — err Halloween — gives you an abundance of candy… make candy mosaics! 

That’s right. All of the bright colored candy in your kiddos’ trick or treat loot make awesome art supplies. All you need is a little glue, some cardstock, and some imagination.

Believe it or not, candy mosaics are an art form. Mexico City artist Cristiam Ramos makes amazing candy portraits of celebrities – – and you can see one of them at Ripley’s Believe It or Not’s Odditorium at the Inner Harbor! (Yeah, it is of Justin Bieber…)

Kid Craft - Candy Mosaics - (cool) progeny

candy mosaics


Colored Candy (we used Sprees, Skittles, Nerds, Mike & Ikes — anything but chocolate and sorted it into silicone baking cups)
Frame (optional)


Using the pencil, outline your drawing on cardstock. Older kids can create their own designs. Younger kids will love filling in basic shapes. (You might notice that circles make fun flowers!).

Squeeze glue directly onto cardstock. Arrange candy in glue.

Allow art to fully dry before moving it. Frame if you’d like!

Voila! Candy mosaic.

Kid Craft - Candy Mosaics - (cool) progeny