Welcome to the weekly s(cool) round-up! This Thursday series shares news, tidbits, and snapshots into student life at our partner Baltimore schools. 

New house systems, kindergarten coding, reading buddies, community art exhibits, harvesting vegetables, and more. Baltimore students were up to some really cool things this week.

School Stories - Bryn Mawr School - (cool) progeny The dreary weather last Friday couldn’t keep spirits down at The Bryn Mawr School of Baltimore as they officially kicked off their new House System, complete with great tunes from faculty band Edith Jamilton!

McDonogh School just got a new Middle School Makerspace. Students feel a sense of ownership in their learning as they design and engineer creations. Take a look!

School Stories - Friends School- (cool) progeny

Kindergarten students at Friends School of Baltimore are learning to code with Bee Bots.  Prior to 2014 Friends introduced children to programming beginning in 3rd grade using MicroWorlds, a Logo-based software in which children program an on-screen turtle to follow a set of commands. Today, while students continue to build on their MicroWorlds knowledge through 5th grade, children in kindergarten through 2nd grade are now learning to code using Bee Bot, a programmable robot the students use to navigate through a maze of pumpkins, fall leaves and cornucopias, “picking up” whichever autumnal object they’re assigned. Bee Bot coding reinforces a host of beneficial skills for K through 2 students, including letter recognition, numbering, handwriting, directionality and syntax. Collaboration comes into play as the children work together to transfer their visual ideas to their procedure page before testing them on the Bee Bot and maze.

School Stories - St. Paul's School for GIrls- (cool) progeny

At St. Paul’s School for Girls, middle school students are paired with Lower School “buddies” in Grades K-4. Twice a year, girls visit their buddy to enjoy a book and some downtime together. It’s been an important and fun community building initiative across the campus and a great way to ensure that younger students have exposure and access to positive role models!

School Stories - St. Paul's School - (cool) progeny

5th graders from St. Paul’s School volunteered to read to dogs at the BMORE HUMANE on St. Francis’ Feast Day. 

School Stories - Park School - (cool) progeny

Sixth graders from The Park School of Baltimore had a great time on their fall Assateague/Chincoteague trip! Despite the rain, students visited the NASA Wallops Visitor Center, The Museum of Chincoteague Island, The Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, and the Ranger Station at Tom’s Cove.

School Stories - Waldorf School of Baltimore - (cool) progeny

Did you know that Waldorf School of Baltimore‘s Community Gallery features work from Baltimore srtists throughout the year? See for yourself this Thursday, October 6th from 6:00 – 8:00pm at the opening reception of the exhibit themed “Those Before Us” showing the African American experience in prints and graphics by artist Ed Towles. Learn more about the artist here.

School Stories - Gilman School - (cool) progeny

Gilman student Conrad Clemens ’17 and his dad, Doug, are featured in this Baltimore Sun article about Roland Park beekeepers who are selling honey to benefit the Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS) Foundation. The project began in 2011 as Conrad’s Bar Mitzvah service project. But first father and son had to learn beekeeping. Conrad’s mom, Dr. Tonie Kline, is the longtime medical director for the CdLS Foundation, which supports families and caretakers of people with the genetic disease.

School Stories - Roland Park Country School - (cool) progeny

Students at Roland Park Country School‘s Lower School are preparing for their annual fall feast by harvesting vegetables and herbs that were planted by students last February in the Webb Centennial Courtyard, one of our six gardens here on campus! Vegetables and herbs harvested include squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, holy basil, eggplants, mint, rosemary, hibiscus and ground cherries! The students learn about the process of gardening and harvesting. They then learn how to prepare the fresh vegetables and herbs to create delicious and healthy meals.

School Stories - St. James Academy - (cool) progeny

St. James Academy kicks off it’s 2016-2017 Children’s Dinner Theatre series on Friday, October 7th.  The series aims to provide quality local entertainment for children and parents. The Fall 2016 Season kicks off on October 7, 2016, and is a wonderfully creative and entertaining experience. Baltimore’s own, Tom Lilly, combines magic, juggling, fire-eating, and balloonacy with loads of audience participation to produce a show that leaves all ages laughing and wondering.