Explorations in DC, third graders performing Shakespeare, blanket making for a cause, and more. Here’s what kids were up to at some of our partner schools this week!

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s(cool) round-up: baltimore schools news this week

St. Paul’s School for Girls 8th Grade students visited Washington, D.C. for three days, during which they explored the Newseum, Madame Tussad’s Wax Museum, the Natural History Museum, and the Air & Space Museum. Students were also treated to a tour of the monuments, illuminated at night, as well as a Ghost Tour of DC’s most historic sites. (pictured above)

s(cool) stories - friends school of baltimore

Third grade Shakespeare is a time-honored tradition at Friends School of Baltimore, but this year’s class took pride in performing scenes from “Romeo and Juliet” and “Macbeth” in the new Forbush Auditorium. “It’s a great opportunity for these guys,” says Judy Sandler. She and fellow third grade teachers Connie Shay ’82 and Victoria Lebron used Nick Newlin’s 30-Minute Shakespeare series which, according to the website “tell the ‘story’ of each play from start to finish while keeping the beauty of Shakespeare’s language intact.” Despite its abridged format “there are still a lot of lines, for a third grader.” The team didn’t require the children to memorize their parts but, as you can see from this clip of “Romeo and Juliet,” they certainly did.

Sixth grade students at St. Paul’s School have been hard at work in English this year, producing an audiobook of The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton. The project was born out of Mr. Byars’ desire to help the boys with improving reading fluency. He said that this project-based approach marries the skills he wants them to have, reading fluently and expressively, in a way that demonstrates a deeper understanding of the text. Students also produced promotional videos about the project. Click here to view a trailer about the project.

s(cool) stories - gilman school

Each year Gilman’s Lower School students bring in books from home that they have outgrown and trade them for new books. The Swap is a two-for-one, and remaining books benefit area public schools, including Collegiate Charter School, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Elementary School and Hilton Elementary. This year the Book Swap collected more books than ever before — a total of 6,347 books, with 90% of students participating. 

s(cool) stories - mcdonogh school

At. McDonogh School, the 8th grade teamed up with the 3rd grade to make “blankets of hope.” The 40 cozy blankets will be donated to the Red Devils, an organization that supports breast cancer patients.

s(cool) stories - st. james academy

As a part of their environmental services project, St. James Academy‘s Student Council President and Historian volunteered at the Loch Raven Reservoir. This opportunity was organized through the Gunpowder Valley Conservancy, a local non-profit that bridges people, land preservation, and waterway conservation since 1989.

s(cool) stories - the park school of baltimore

On Tuesday, The Park School of Baltimore held its annual Westheimer Prize assembly. The school community takes time to remember the late Pat Westheimer ’61, and to honor the gift she provided Westheimer Prize recipients – the gift of experiencing a broader world and an awareness of themselves as global citizens. Pat established the prize in 2006 out of her deep conviction that immersion in another culture is a valuable component of a well-rounded education, and has the power to change young people’s lives. Her hopes for the prize have been borne out by the experiences of 10 years of Westheimer Prize travelers — and part of her legacy is the expectation that the prize recipients return to Park and share their stories with the Upper School community at assembly.

The Bryn Mawr Upper School presents Into the Woods this weekend! James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim take everyone’s favorite storybook characters and bring them together for a timeless, yet relevant, piece… and a rare modern classic. The Tony Award-winning book and score are both enchanting and touching. 

s(cool) stories - garrison forest school

On Monday, Dr. Roberts, Garrison Forest‘s Head of School continued her tradition of shadowing a student. She and 6th grader Shyne compiled vocab and wrote a literary paragraph in English; studied for the upcoming Science test on atmosphere by doing different stations and reviewing experiments; learned the audition songs for the Middle School musical; prepared for the Geography debate on whether or not governments should pass population control laws; and won the Enriched Math review game on fractions and compound numbers. (The pink sticker on Dr. Roberts’ sweater is their prize.) 

s(cool) stories - roland park country school

Rebecca Hanson’s 11th grade US History class at Roland Park Country School took advantage of the space and resources in the RPCS Innovation Lab for their recent group projects. Students made installations depicting contradictions and complexities in the relationships among early English colonists, enslaved Africans, indentured servants and Native Americans. Students examined a variety of primary source documents and used materials in the Innovation Lab to create 3D displays.

s(cool) stories - waldorf school

Thinking of exploring Waldorf education? Sign up for Puppets and Play at The Waldorf School of Baltimore on Saturday, November 12th. This free event is designed for children 2 ½ -5-years. Enjoy a morning with your child in our beautiful Children’s Garden as we prepare & share a wholesome snack and play & explore in our classrooms. They will also present a puppet show performed by our early childhood teachers. Be sure to register online.