Designing a child’s bedroom can be one of those full-throttle-pinterest-perfect-everything-or-nothing battles. Sometimes it’s just plain overwhelming to think about designing a kid’s bedroom, knowing in just a year or so they could have completely different interests or hate the color blue or have outgrown those Mickey Mouse sheets they are begging for in the store aisle. 

Luckily, there are a few helpful design moves you can make to help your child’s room “grow up” with them. This gorgeous perfectly pink bedroom in Guildford is a perfect example!

perfectly pink child bedroom designed to grow

Girls Bedroom Designed to Grow - (cool) progeny

Invest in Custom Closets

Rather than making the same down payment on pint-sized furniture as you would the family car, invest in custom closets. We love how the homeowners created an open-concept wardrobe, using wire instead of glass inserts. Low-hanging rods work perfectly for toddler dresses (and help foster independence!) now, and still work as a great place to hang shirts and blouses as your daughter grows. Automatic lighting is another great feature — especially if you have early morning wake-up calls. Shelves can house everything from nursery items to books to shoes. Bins can take the place of drawers in a pinch and are inexpensive ways for your daughter to infuse her own personal style.

Girls Bedroom Designed to Grow - (cool) progeny

Girls Bedroom Designed to Grow - (cool) progeny

Change Up the Hardware

So many stores now offer (cool) hardware options (think Anthropologie for girly girls )– and it’s a fun and cost-effective way to change the look of built-ins or custom closets without an entire furniture makeover! (You can also just change up hardware on that old bureau in the basement for a fresh look).

Girls Bedroom Designed to Grow - (cool) progeny

Frame Beloved Childhood Art

Childhood art or illustrations from favorite books make great framed accessories. They’re perfect for a little kids room and also add a touch of whimsy to your teen’s stack of design books.

Girls Bedroom Designed to Grow - (cool) progeny

Start with a Neutral Wall

Now, that doesn’t mean boring wall — but it may mean skipping the custom twelve foot mural if you’d like the design to last more than a few years. This pink pinstripe makes a bold nursery statement but isn’t too ‘young’ for a teen bedroom either. 

Girls Bedroom Designed to Grow - (cool) progeny

Play with Pattern

Sure, there are stripes on the walls — but they play nicely against the paisley on the bed linens and pattern on the throw rugs. Duvets and small scatter rugs are easily changed as they come in contact with kid-life and are fun ways to personalize the space as your child grows. Today’s Minnie Mouse print shams are tomorrow’s Lilly Pulitzer ones. 

Girls Bedroom Designed to Grow - (cool) progeny

Mix-and-Match Lighting

Lighting fixtures are always fun to integrate into a bedroom design. Try ultra feminine sconces or antique fixtures to give a little girl’s room a grown-up feel. It’ll be just like Eloise. More modern angular lighting can be fun in kid spaces, too!

Girls Bedroom Designed to Grow - (cool) progeny

Incorporate the Old

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that this is your child’s space — it supposed to be photograph-ready for Dwell, right? Find ways to incorporate your child’s outgrown but well loved items into the room. Take your child’s favorite t-shirts and blankies and make them into a custom quilt. Showcase a basket of best-loved toys. It may not scream ‘design feature,” but it will definitely scream “love.” 

Girls Bedroom Designed to Grow - (cool) progeny

Neutral Window Treatments

Sure, it’s tempting to have custom drapes made — but they may or may not withstand the design flexibility test! Solid, custom window treatments like these shades give you ultimate freedom.

Love this bedroom? Then you’ll love this Guilford home (and it’s currently for sale!). Check out the real estate listing for 207 E. Highfield Road.

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