The most-asked-for cocktail at our Cocktails and STEM Moms Night Out with Sylvan Learning last week? The end-of-summer sangria. Beyond delicious. And the perfect way to blend all of those late summer flavors into one delightful drink.

Lucky for us the team at Pairings Bistro in Bel Air shared the recipe! Enjoy!

Late Summer Sangria
Perfect blend of end-of summer flavors!
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  1. 750 ML (One Bottle) Sweet Italian Red Wine (Malvasia di Casorza Dolce is a great option!)
  2. 3 oz. Cointreau
  3. 4 oz. Simple Syrup
  4. Seasonal Fruits (Berries, Oranges, Peaches)
  1. Combine ingredients and refrigerate until chilled.
  2. Serve in glass with or without soda water or Sprite!
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