One of our favorite outdoor activities is going for a walk in the woods. These easy to make binoculars are the perfect addition to a hike, making kids feel like official members of the Audubon Society. Have kids bring a small notebook and pencil on your hike to draw or write about the birds you see!


two cardboard paper rolls, yarn or string, glue, paint, stickers or markers for decoration


Use two cardboard tubes that are the same size, toilet paper rolls work the best.

Have children decorate they two tubes anyway they’d like with paint, markers, stickers, etc.

Glue the two rolls together to create either side of the binoculars.

Punch holes in the end of each tube. Cut an arm’s length of yarn or string and tie one end through each of the holes to create a loop to hold the binoculars around your child’s neck.

diy binoculars - (cool) progeny