Sun Prints are one of my favorite summer projects to do with kids. They are super easy to do and make great use of all the random items kids have a habit of collecting! I also love the way they look when they are all finished. They make great art to display in your home!

You can make beautiful nature prints by collecting leaves and flowers with interesting shapes. The finished prints look beautiful framed and hung or even make wonderful cards.

(Or they look pretty amazing just up on the wall with washi tape!)

diy sun prints



sunprint paper (you can get this in most craft stores or find it online)
plastic tub or container
household objects
toys or leaves and flowers with cool shapes


Purchase sun print paper. You can often find this in the kids craft sections of craft or art supply store and you can always find it online.

Collect items from your house or yard. Think about the outline or shape since that is what will show up in the print.

Fill a container, slightly larger then your sun print paper, with water.

Carefully remove the sun print paper from the packaging one sheet at a time. The paper is light sensitive, so as soon as you take it out of the packaging you want to set it down and arrange your items on the paper.

After arranging your items on the paper, let them sit for 3-5 minutes or until the paper turns white. Then take the items off the paper and place the paper into the water to stop the process.

Remove the paper from the water and let dry. Then display!