My kids love any excuse to play in water, and these sponge boats kept them happily playing for a long time. They had races, played around with floating characters, and worked tirelessly at trying to get the boats to sink.

These are fun for outdoor water play on a hot day or even for the bathtub!

diy sponge boats - (cool) progeny

diy sponge boats


  • kitchen sponges
  • scissors
  • wooden skewer
  • duct tape or paper

Cut the top two corners off a rectangular kitchen sponge to create the base shape of the boat

Carefully push the pointy side of the skewer up through the middle of the sponge to create the mast for the sail. Depending on how long your skewer is you may need to cute off some of the extra length.

You can then create the sail using paper or duct tape, I found duct tape holds up best in the water.

diy sponge boats - (cool) progeny