Summer sun can take a toll on your skin. Marsha Jackson, Medical Aesthetician at The Baltimore Center for Plastic Surgery, gave us the scoop on how to get a healthy summer glow — and about her favorite products for new and expectant moms.

Yes — we asked her everything you want to know!

healthy summer skincare tips - (cool) progeny

healthy summer skin tips from Marsha

What summer skincare treatments are safe for pregnant and expectant moms?

Pregnancy can definitely take a toll on your skin! But the last thing you want to do is have a treatment that might not be safe for your developing baby. That’s why Marsha loves the Innovative Skincare Alliance product line. It’s a pharmaceutical botanical line based in California that’s safe for pregnant and lactating moms. 

“It’s not a widely-known product,” says Marsha. “But it should be because it’s plant based.” 

IS Skincare has a retail line, but Marsha recommends a Fire and Ice facial for new moms — especially if fluctuating hormones are causing a lot of skin breakout. The enzyme based peal uses IS products, so it’s safe for everyone. The skin is cleansed and then a resurfacing mask that smells like pumpkin is applied (the fire part!). After the resurfacing mask does it’s thing, a neutralized cool mint mask is applied (the ice!). 

healthy summer skincare tips - (cool) progeny

What do you do when you get a horrible sunburn?

When it comes to the sunscreen, Marsha has one piece of advice: “Everyone should wear it.” But if you do – ouch – get a horrible burn at the beach one day, she recommends using IS copper firming mist to calm redness and take the sting out. Follow that with IS Pro-Heal serum that has antioxidants to help with inflammation. And end with their Hydra-Cool Serum, a cool mist mask that brings your skin back to neutral.

What’s the deal with chemical peels? Is that something I should do in the summer?

A chemical peel sounds intimidating, right? It sounds scarier than it is. What it does is superficially your skin into regenerating new, healthy skin.  The catch is you have to avoid direct sunlight for 2-3 week, which is why many women opt to have this treatment during the winter. 

When it comes to skincare, what’s the optimal regimen?

“Well, you don’t just go to the dentist once and say ok, I’ll maintain at home now. You get your teeth cleaned every six months!” says Marsha. Ideally, you’ll see best results if you do treatments in three. So if you’re thinking about something like a hydrafacial or chemical peel, you don’t have to worry about signing on for weekly or monthly maintenance treatments to see results. Commit to three treatments and then decide how often you need to maintain with your aesthetician. 

What is YOUR at home skincare routine?

There are tons of products out there — so what is Marsha’s home skincare regimen? Fairly simple. Cleanser, moisturizer with growth factors, hyaluronic acid to retain moisture, and retinal creme at night.

By the way — her skin looks amazing!

healthy summer skincare tips - (cool) progeny

What’s the most popular summer skincare treatment at your office?

By far it’s the hydrafacial – a hybrid facial/chemical peel. There’s no downtown and no discomfort. The multi-step treatment cleanses, evenly exfoliates and extracts to remove impurities and dead skin cells while at the same time replenishing vital nutrients including Antioxidants, Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid. Like any treatment, Marsha suggests committing to three – but you’ll see a huge difference with one treatment! 

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