Doing a little last minute shopping and prep for 4th of July? Pick up the ingredients for these meals, and you’ll have easy dinners all week long!

family-friendly dinners this week

Monday: Happy 4th of July! Wherever you’re going, these blueberry lemon pie stars will be a hit! Little twist on the handpie idea and full of deliciousness. We just picked up a pint of local berries from Misty Valley Farm so we could make these! Need a unique salad to take with you to the BBQ? This farro, corn, black been, and roasted red pepper salad is always a crowd pleaser!

Tuesday: Use that leftover grilled chicken from Monday and whip up this BBQ Chicken Cobb salad from The Kitchn. Keep the ingredients separate for toddlers, preschoolers, and picky eaters. 

Wednesday: Beat the middle-of-the-week heat with this easy, meatless summer pasta. Corn, zucchini, squash, pesto, and parmesan cheese. If you happen to have some corn leftover from Monday’s festivities, cut it off the cob and preserve it to make pasta on Wednesday. If you’re short on time, frozen corn works, too!

Thursday: Spending the evening at the pool? Pack these grilled marinated steak kabobs to grill poolside! Add some sliced fruit and refreshing pasta salad. 

Friday: Time to kick off another weekend. (I love short weeks, don’t you?). Extra crispy tortilla pizza is just what the evening needs. Skip the chicken if you’d rather another meatless meal. Pretty sure if you served solo and then had ice cream with fresh berries for dessert, you’d hit all of the necessary food groups. Just saying. And maybe a classic margarita for the adults?

Family Friendly Dinners Week - (cool) progeny