One of my most vivid childhood memories is my mom, her waist-length chestnut hair fanning out in a shining cascade around her as she twirled in front of dad’s prized hi-fi speakers accompanied by Grace Slick urging us to, “…go ask Alice.” Dancing with mom was the best. It made me feel special, part of some secret magic she had. My kids and I have always shared a love of music but we just don’t dance like my mom did with me.

Maybe that has something to do with self-consciousness. Or just the fact that most dance styles of the 80s invite open mocking. I blame YOU, Boy George! I suspect though that we can blame much of the lack of dance on the glorification of ‘busy’. 

Yes, we are all busy. It’s real. There is SO much to get done. But really, are we that busy?

In our (cool) mindful moms group, Alexis recently posted a question, “What is the best thing your mother (or mother figure) has taught you?” I didn’t answer in the group… was, busy at the time. But the question stuck with me.

Mom has taught me so many lessons, how could I pick one and call it most important? Then Justin Timberlake spoke to me. Not like really spoke. You’d have to break out the smelling salts if that happened.

His new single Can’t Stop The Feeling, popped up on Pandora… and I had to just, dance, dance, dance. The kids laughed so hard. Got a little red-faced. Made fun of me. Then started to dance along. The world melted away. There was nothing more important to do than dancing.

Magic happened in the span of one song. The 17 year old put down her phone. The typically stoic middle son started popping and locking. I looked down at my 9 year old daughter (the youngest and our little dancer) and the look on her face reminded me of how I used to feel watching my mom dance.

It was in that moment that I had an answer for Alexis. The best thing my mom ever taught me was dance like your kids are watching.

Let busy go do something else for just one song. Dance with your kids watching, dance with them. Give them the gift letting it all go — and allow the music to carry you away.