Walking into her house is like walking into an ad for Pottery Barn — the cozy, family edition. A neutral color palette of grays, black, and white dotted with play tents, toys, and comfy pillows. Maya the Bee is on in the family room. A huge camel-colored leather ottoman doubles as a place for tea mugs and a toddler trampoline. Family photos are artfully displayed in a gallery over an L-shaped couch.

It’s beautiful. Soft. Functional. Just like the new innovative product this Baltimore mom recently launched for kids.

Coffee With Natalie Feild, Softsie - (cool) progeny

coffee with natalie feild

Designing children’s clothing wasn’t necessarily in the game plan for Natalie Feild. The local mom and clinical psychologist had her lightbulb idea while trying to resolve her daughter’s eczema problem.

Footie pajamas organically infused with aloe vera, jojoba oil, and vitamin E to help nurture sensitive skin.

Hello, Softsie.

“I knew it could be done because I wear these aloe vera socks to bed!” Natalie said with a grin.

Abigail is only two and Natalie has already bought the product from a kernel of an idea, to prototype, to market — a fast-pace start-up adventure that has been both invigorating and tiring (not to mention, she’s expecting daughter number two in August!). But she’s loved the hustle, remarking that it hasn’t even felt like work.

Coffee With Natalie Feild, Softsie - (cool) progeny

“I believe so much in this,” said Natalie. “Sure, designing the fabrics and outfits is fun, but if I can help kids be more comfortable and help with their skin issues… that’s just huge.”

Natalie’s keen sense of functional design (remember that gorgeous home I mentioned earlier?) is evident throughout the Softsie brand. The footie is medium-weight, which makes it work for all seasons. She found an innovative fabric that handles the infusion without losing it’s softness — critical since no baby or toddler wants itchy clothes! Forget pink-and-blue. Natalie’s designs are gender neutral, featuring a fun black-and-white triangle print and solid mint-green. The infusion continues to nurture a child’s skin for up to 30 washes.

Everything is made in the USA.

New to Softsie this month? Separates! Yes, that’s right. Your older toddler can now get in on the Softsie action.  Other products are in the works, too. Maybe adult pjs? (That’s me hoping… not a hint that Natalie dropped!)

“What I really want everyone to know is that Softsie is not just for babies and toddlers with itchy skin. It’s good for all babies and toddlers! Helping to protect and nurture their skin is so important,” said Natalie.Coffee With Natalie Feild, Softsie - (cool) progeny

When she’s not running Softsie or meeting with clients as part of her psychology practice, you’ll find Natalie hanging out with her muse and inspiration, Abby. The love playing in the sandbox, going to Wegman’s, or hanging out at the pool. Natalie knows life is about to change a bit with the arrival of Baby T, so she’s soaking up and enjoying every moment of Abby’s ‘only child’ era.

If you order Softsie, your footie or outfit will be lovingly packaged by Natalie herself, who has shipped hundreds since launching the line this past spring. Eventually she’ll hire or outsource the shipping. But Natalie wants the entire customer experience to be perfect — from the moment a parent spots Softsie on Instagram, to when she orders through the website, to the time she opens their package. (Reminded me a bit of the scene in The Intern with Anne Hathaway showing her warehouse team how to pack clothes… involved and passionate CEOs are what make great companies.)

“The stories of how Softsie has helped so many people,” said Natalie. “I just love them.”

Editor’s Note: You can find Softsie online or can purchase locally at Wee Chic Boutique! Photos by Laura Black.