“A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves – a special kind of double. ” – Toni Morrison

Being a girl is twice as much fun when you have a sister, right? Meet Peri and Grace! 

Many Sides of Me: Grace and Peri - (cool) progeny

Peri, 5

Peri is an observant and cautious five-year-old who loves twirling and frilly tutus. She describes herself as nice, funny, and friendly — and although she’s shy in public, she’s anything but shy at home. In fact, most might be surprised to know she can be pretty loud.  Peri is the kind of girl you want picking the restaurant when you go out to dinner. Her favorite dish is steak frite at Flemings. 

The Dr. Seuss aficionado/ballerina has perfect style advice for summer: just wear skirts every day.

When I asked her about what she wanted to be when she grows up, she said something more profound than any other young girl I’ve interviewed for this series (and she’s been the youngest):

“I will be the kind of grown-up who helps people and animals.”

Did you catch it? Not I hope to be or I want to be. I will be. 

Those are powerful words.

Many Sides of Me: Grace and Peri - (cool) progeny

Grace, 10

Grace has an infectious smile. Like her sister, she describes herself as funny and watching the two of them make each other laugh was the highlight of any of the Many Sides of Me photoshoots we’ve done. The caring and generous ten-year-old loves ballet and playing the piano, everything girlie.

“I love bows, hearts, the color pink, and anything with fun, bright colors!” said Grace. “I also like fun t-shirts.”

Her style advice? Top it off with a bow.

If she had a day to anything she wanted, she’d grab her friends and go shopping. But her favorite place to hang out with friends is the school playground.

“Some may be surprised to know I love home improvement shows,” said Grace. “I love HGTV!” (Who doesn’t?!?!)

Math challenges her, and she overcomes understanding difficult concepts by studying hard and asking questions. She loves Pentatonix and can’t wait for summer camp.

Every day, Grace is inspired by her friends and family. 

“They encourage me in everything I do,” said Grace.

Many Sides of Me: Grace and Peri - (cool) progeny


On Peri: Dressy Look: EMC pleated colorblock dress. Casual: Toobydoo Ruffle dress.  Ballet look:Penny Candy swing ruffle skirt with sequins, models own leotard. All available at Wee Chic Boutique at Green Spring Station.

On Grace: Dressy look: Kate Spade Kimberly dress in navy. Casual Look: Vintage Havana swing tank, Hudson white crops, Little Miss Zoe accessories. Ballet Look: Kanz sparkle tutu skirt, models own leotard.  All available at Wee Chic Boutique at Green Spring Station.

many sides of me: because being a girl is (cool)
photo credit: Kakki Morrison
styling/art direction: Bridget Stickline, Heather Walsh
clothing: Wee Chic Boutique


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